Any Christians here on this forum?

I don’t want to start a debate but I’m genuinely curious to know if there’s any Catholics or Protestant Christians here or even followers of Judaism who got involved with magick. I know of a Catholic who didn’t have a hostile or negative view of Lucifer and that seemed an unprecedented idea and I’m wondering how you made it fit into your theological worldview. Just trying to learn:)


I’m not a christian in the practicing sense but I have read and do read the bible and have and still do pray to Jesus / יהוה on occasion ( the latter being crucial for angelic emeseries) although my views have taken a drastic left turn with alot of Christians.

There are very VERY few “true” followers of Christ. The masses go to church on Sundays and renew their brazzers subscription on Mondays. They are like leaves blown by the winds of their nature , as most of us are, but they hide it in false piety and feel good cognitive dissonance. One of my close acquaintances has a phd in theology and even he stumbles in regards to his understanding.

The catholic/protestant institutions are a mess with pedophilia running so rampant and wide spread that it really makes you think.

The way I view the occult and this work is the same way i view science. In fact in PERSICELY the same way. Because they are the same. Magick is a sort of science in a different kind of sense. The same science that invented modern medicine that allows people to be kept alive in a global pandemic is the very thing that can vaporize infants into asfault at Hiroshima.

When Marx said religion is the opiate of the masses he was not wrong, although he failed to include his own batch too.

As terrance mckenna said we are not in to choose between good or evil ideologies. All ideologies are the enemy. Because they always keep us one step removed from our true nature.

The only thing I’ll add is to read as much as you can.

Yes, there are a few, including some long-term members who are generally well-respected. :+1:


I’m a practicing Orthodox Christian, I go to Liturgies on Saturdays and Sundays, I keep the fast and feasts, I have an Icon corner, a jar full of holy water, and candles. My profile picture is an image of the Anastasis Icon, because the Feast of Feasts: Pascha, recently went by last Sunday for us in the Orthodox Church.

Most magic that I do is very RHP, I work with Saints and Angels. Because those are forces who are under the control and in the energy of the Holy Trinity.


I am a Christian… I was raised Baptist but I guess I would probably consider myself maybe nondenominational or perhaps even Quaker now…

How do I make it fit? I was at church reading the Bible and I read about all kinds of different things… Jesus turning water into wine and bringing people back from the dead, Jesus casting out demons indicating they actually exist, the whole Prince of Egypt thing with all those plagues, Moses getting his messages from burning bushes and parting the sea… everyone just reads it and acts like it’s no big deal… then one day we were reading the Bible and we get to the part where Jesus says we can do every single work that he has ever done and more…wtf???

So at that point, I raised my hand and I’m like wait then why aren’t we doing this stuff? Everyone is like oh no it’s not a thing… but it very clearly says on the page that it is a thing… not only that but Jesus said it was a thing…all the people in the Bible - I could have let it go but Jesus!!! The whole religion is designed after him. If he said it then why wouldn’t we do it? He is the way and the light… I’ve always considered myself to be a devout Christian that follows the Bible so of course I wanted to follow that too. If Jesus said that I can, then I can! I don’t care what any lay person on the street thinks about it. I started doing research and then I realized the more I read the Bible the more I started to see there’s all kinds of magic in the Bible. Then I started to realize it’s the church that’s against magic because they want to take the power away from the people. If you study the history like I did in college you’ll see over the centuries different leaders have done things to handicap God’s people, that way they would be easier to control the population. We learned about how they forced Christianity on everyone and then designed it in a way where all the followers of Christianity are completely powerless. A perfect tool to control the masses. Hold the fear of Hell over their head so they’ll be too scared to take what is theirs. Completely stripped of all their gifts and abilities to do magic… giving the leaders total control. They lied to us. Then they pass these lies down from generation to generation. The part that really gets me is how preachers study the Bible for four years and then they have no problem getting up there on the stage and lying to us. I’ve never been to Seminary school maybe it’s all conjecture and they don’t actually read the Bible. Because if you sit there and you read the words how could you miss the magic? I was a child when I figured it out. Anyone that can read could see there’s all kinds of sorcery, astrology, prophesy, and all kind of stuff in there. So I began searching and looking and studying trying to figure out how to do this stuff… I found spiritualism where they break it down for you. How to talk to spirits and things like that… and now that I know the basics when I go back and read the Bible it’s so obvious. The people have been bamboozled by their leaders. The Bible is full of magic and I have no shame or guilt when I try to learn about it.

After I started studying magic, mediumship, and psychic arts… then it hit me. At the beginning of the Bible it says we were created in the image of God… just as God can create reality - so can we. Ever since then I have been pursuing knowledge and I don’t care what any other Christian has to say I feel justified


There is a priest that I know of here, and some cathechist too.

It becomes easier when you know and can comminicate with your a HGA or sth close to that to ask troubling questions.

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