Any advice on invoking lucifer

i just need advice on Lucifer. what to offer him what he like and just general advice on him.

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Try using the search function in the upper right. All that information is available already.



He feels like testosterone set on fire… literally.
In my experience with him, if he can intimidate or scare you, he will, and will enjoy doing so, though has never actually harmed me. He loves to throw you off your guard. It’s like his way of making you “stable”. He will break you down until you’ve had enough, including making you fight him. There was no warning nothing. This has been my experience with him. He loves to test and tease. It’s all been like provoking me until I’d finally had enough. It was all conditioning.
However they deal with each individual differently. They know how each person “handles” you could say.


Ask him. He’ll definitely tell you.

In my experience he is really easy to work with. Very patient. He’ll also push you along.

I like to offer him blood when I can, but I have a long-term relationship with him. But there are other threads that discuss what else he likes.


I usually offer him blood, as a taste of my life energy, and some kind of alcohol or chocolate. (Spiced rum or wine is my go-to for alcoholic offerings.) The blood strengthens my connection to him, and the other things are a gesture of respect. The most important thing I’ve discovered with Lucifer is that he hates being disrespected and having his time wasted. Don’t summon him if you’re not serious about it, and don’t half-ass the invocation. He’s an intense teacher, and if you’re willing to accept his knowledge and help, he can radically change your life whether you’re ready for it or not. As @rin mentions, he likes to mess with you and intimidate you. He has immense power and likes to flex it sometimes, especially if you start to doubt him or question his methods. Ultimately, everyone has a different experience, so just ask him what he wants for an offering and what his intentions are in regards to your life. He’s eager to teach if you’re eager to learn. Hail Lucifer!


True ^^ as much as he pestered me he’s definitely not someone I’d want to piss off.

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Lucifer likes a Good Whisky, a Cabernet Sauvignon is another good choice. He also likes fresh Roses and Chocolate with Chilli in it. Blood also and the pain of extracting it as an offering.

I have worked with him for so long now I have to remind myself I am working with a spirit so powerful and like said above,has immense power. I feel comfortable with him and trust him.

You can’t go wrong if you treat him with the respect he deserves and offer him a decent altar space with a few nice things and be honest with him as he will know your true intentions.

Just do it! I did. I do not regret it.