Any advice on getting an incubus or a succubus?

I am still a beginner,but I have always wanted to get an incubus or a succubus since I was younger. I want a partner in not only romance but also to work with me spiritually. How would a beginner go about getting one? I am unable to work for many different reasons so I can’t afford to pay for a ritual,as much as I would love to do so. Any advice is appreciated.

Please use the search function. There is a lot of information available on succubi. Look up the “Letter of Intent” method.

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I called out to Lilith 3 times with the intent of having one and a few weeks latest listening to meditation music one came to me which then brought her friends now I have 5

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You’ll want to check out this thread. Remember the search function is there to find threads like this, though you have to dig and research at times. Then if you still don’t find anything ask away.

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my question about this is, even i think i have one, but my astral senses hasn’t developed yet, so how do i know that i have one, not just my imagination and “fake” feeling?


From what I’ve learned is that they’ll help open your senses. Most people say you’ll feel slight touches and even arousal for no apparent reason and that when you feel it,just kind of go with it and even welcome it.