Any advice at stopping mental chatter?

I’ve been looking for holes and weaknesses in my spiritual work and it seems that the exssesive mental chatter that runs through my head is becoming quite the obstacle.

I’ve been trying to do things like chant and focus on physical objects while meditating being that’s what Mepsitahl instructed.

Chants and distractions work OK but as far as sitting in trance with a COMPLETELY quiet mind has me stumped.

My mind tends to wander a lot whether it be thinking about something specific or just daydreaming.

Could ya’ll share some tips on how to completely drop mind?
I think this is one of my biggest fallbacks concerning anything I do majickaly.


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I’m still working on it, but it seems to be a lot easier if I do a short meditation every couple days where I just let the thoughts flow through.
Don’t push any away or try to hold onto or analyse any of them, just let them run their course.

I need to get back to doing that a bit more often, actually… Maybe up it to daily…

I too need to stick to a more strict meditation regimen.
Practice makes perfect after all.

Something I’ve done before that seems to help is imagine my head and brain are glass vessels.
Then breath in the water element with the intent of purifying my mind of all unhelpful thoughts.

Once I feel that my head is full of water I breath it out visualizeing the water being a brown oily color representing the unwanted thoughts.

This only works to an extent so I’m looking for other methods to help.

Raw willpower.

Focus on what you’re doing and automatically block anything else that may come by, rely on an authoritarian behaviour if necessary. You may fell curious about what is poping in your mind, resist it. This may be stressful, good, get the energy built from the stress, aim and blast it into your subconsciouss curiosity, so even if things pop up again, you wont bother to listen to them at all. This has to be a practice, wont yield results in a one-go.

This is even good for ordinary curiosity is often used by mind-hackers to get into you. By destroying the ordinary curiosity, all that remains is tje genuine one that comes from the soul.

Hey Musta!

I agree with Daizin’s post, but I personally find myself able “shut the noise off” by focusing on one point and immersing myself in that point. Each breath whether your using a three point breathing method (3sec inhale hold3 exhale3 hold3) falling deeper into that point. Don’t know it may just work for me.


Read all of you and find the same problem with me. The worst thing is… When i am meditating and calming myself and going really deep… I can shut my mind shortly after start and than through the half way. Than, if i go really deep… My mind has dozens of thoughts… Different thoughts… Of literally everything… I see random Images… And this is when i go back… And i cannot go throught this point… When all of that is just hitting in my mind like a waterfall… Big, emotional… Being from nowhere, meaning Mostly of time nothing, appearing and disappearing… Topics changing each 20 seconds… I hate that moment… And… Don’t know what to do to overcame it…

I used The an Angel named Opfal when Two well know entities where constantly shooting me info… so much that i couldnt work I lost my women ect…( thats when i learned to be more careful combining currents… my current work is still the same) long story short in 15 minutes i was racked out and woke up normal again… but your mental chater seems to be an overactive mind I think Mepsital told you the best way but you could try pot for rituals helps me calm my mind and focus… strangely enough so does aderal

Washing my hands and head in a holy water before rituals tends to do it for me.

The method I learned was to imagine, instead of internal words, your inner voice saying “Mmmmm” - not necessarily as a mantra (like AUM) but just as a way of having that vocal part active but less obtrusive, then you can fade it off into silence.

Internal language (including the problematic “hearing voices” type) seems to be generated by the brain’s speech centre (link about that), so giving that something to do make scientific sense.

Lady Eva, I was just thinking something similar.

I have 2 or 3 levels of mental chatter, the first, closest one is general thought, the other two are quiet, almost physically way way back in my mind.

The first one is easy, but the other deeper chatter are harder to control with willpower, I just try to give them something like a hum or gentle rythum…so they can just kind of blend into the background like white (black :)) noise.

DON"T ever give them a tune or pop song lol

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Amen to that one!
They pick up and hang onto music way too easy (for me at least)
Just a couple words or notes from a song will set it off
Then the advice "listen to another song, it’ll get that one out of your head"
no. It will get 2 songs stuck in my head… Sadly, I’ve had up to 5 going on in there at once.

The only thing that helps with that (sometimes) is to give them a complex song with multiple vocal parts going at the same time (like a choir)… Trans Siberian Orchestra is a pretty good choice (Mephistopheles Returns from the album Beethoven’s Last Night is my usual go-to)

And the family just loves to mess with me, waiting until they know I’m in a bad mood or my nerves are real frazzled, then singing the first or main lines from every song they know I can’t stand… Ugh!

Thanks for all the advice guys!
I called on Raphael to help me with this as a lot of my mental chatter is due to me having bad anxiety.I also called on him to help with another matter.

It’s a little early to be sure but today my mind feels relaxed and focused.
I’ll post more about it later.

Heart chakra meditation, it cleansed a lot of the inside mental chatter I have. It was like a “washing” of my energetic body, lots of crap went away after experiencing it (trauma and obsesive patterns of thought). It’s like it burned away some bad stuff inside me, yet not all.

Another option is daily practice ritual banishings, I feel it cleanse the aura and also the mind

There are two types of ‘mental chatter’ aural (words) and visuals. Which one/two are you bothered by.

If its words analyse what the ‘voice’ sounds like is it indeed YOUR internal voice at all ? Images are more complex to trace and could well be dietary.

Fast for a day and a half - Exercise then meditate after at least 9 hours fasting. Drink only water. Then come back and report your findings.



Resource management. We have a limited amount of attention, and that mental chatter uses up more attention than one might think. One trick is to occupy your attention so there is not enough left to sustain that brain babble.

In Carlos Castaneda’s books, it was recommended he expand his peripheral vision and take in as much visual input as possible. Staying aware of that extra detail requires a large portion of your attention, in theory leaving less for insane brain babbling.

i added these commands to the end of my autogenic training affirmations (section iv.). there is a command in there to quiet mental chatter, and it worked very well for me. ymmv but if you have tried everything else, give this one a try and see if it helps any.