Anxiety over nothing

Literally, there is nothing that I should have to worry about to make me feel anxious or depressed. But i feel like snapping, screaming, kms or just freak the fuck out.
I’ve been losing focus on my tasks and forgetting things said right to me.
I want to be near people but don’t. I feel trapped in my head with no way out.
I’m still young and trying to figure this all out still. But fuck breathing is half the problem.
I hate how my mind races with hundreds of thoughts then fizzes out; makes me feel crazy.
There is so much stupid things happening in my family that’s tearing everyone apart…

I been cleaning my chakras and meditation really does help but why do I still feel like I’m going insane?

This is really me just venting and not being able to talk to someone about this is making me go crazy. dont feel like you have to wrap yourself in my life haha, again venting.

I’m taking it one day at a time, and every day gets better.
Thank you everyone for all and any help that you have givin me. Really, the positivity helps. <3


Try grounding.
Can you divine?

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I’m still a little new with magick so what do you mean “divine”
But grounding, I’m on it :slight_smile:

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To divine is to employ divination on a question


I have a very real anxiety disorder, and it can be triggered by anything or nothing at all. Before I started practicing magick again and meditation, I started on anxiety meds. My anxiety was destroying my life, literally. I couldn’t do anything. That’s the only reason I finally agreed to meds, because I was driving down the road one day, started to have an attack, and almost passed out behind the wheel. Not wanting to put myself or anyone else in danger, I decided to take the meds. I don’t like having to take them, but I am finding the more meditation I do, and the more spiritual work I do, the less I have to take. I am slowly working on using these techniques to reduce my meds and get off them altogether, and my Dr. Is very supportive of this. I hope my story can help you in some way.


Also, take into consideration that this could be:
A developing mental Condition.
Or, a curse.


No it does, I have to take meds to help me too. But I also would rather not take them at all :woman_shrugging:
Adhd is what they say I have. (<- for Fallen)


My ex cursed me a long time ago but I thought I had that all cleared up. All of this did start happening around that time he did.

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I see. Take caution.


See if you can find the emotional/energetic root of your anxiety and/or depression. And I feel your pain. I still suffer from anxiety and depression (I’m probably Bi Polar, haven’t gotten diagnosed however). One thing that helped me was to pathwork the Qliphoth. I faced all of my inner fears and obstacles that had fucked me up for years. It was horrifying, and rejuvenating. I felt like I was torn apart and built up stronger and happier. Maybe try some intense healing work too. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck in your conquest against the little beasts in your head :slight_smile:

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I myself being subjected to Anxiety for years, lately i found out when i score cannabis off of someone my back neighbor i went to High School with over 30 years ago, he gave me a couple of really strong buds for 5 dollars, when i had 2 cones, my Anxiety just melted away, i was able to clear my mind all worries went out the window, so i practice black magic was a lot stronger, and it produced a very Dark atmosphere, so i found my solution, so i tryed scoring from neighbor he tryed ringing around no one want to sell to me, soon as Craig Black mentioned who it is for, next day tryed again he range around again, i was out the front he made calls yes guy going to deliver later on tonight, while i was speaking to Craig black, i heard someone wheeling a Suitcase and a Female Honey buns sed hello to me hi James, then Stopped in drive way, saying scared i come over and give you a hug, Craig black say what are you doing hear, i am hear for him, Female say who is letting me in, i say me, Craig black say follow me i show you what we are all about, so she follow Craig he also uses Speed and ice as well, because he tells me always angry attitude, so she is so stupid instead of going with Craig she should have move in.

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Craig Black and The Female Honey Buns :joy::joy::joy::joy:


In addition to the other advise here, take a good look at the side effects of your meds. Anxiety and depression type meds don’t always affects our brain chemicals the intended way. It could be the type of drug or dosage making your anxiety flair.

I have minor anxiety but it’s never caused me problems.

I got prescribed modafinil last year to help my circadian rhythm and suppress my appetite and give me energy. That shit almost put me in a psych ward. My mind raced 24/7 and I woke up with armageddon anxiety like the asreriod was about to hit any minute. I looked up reviews of the stuff online on drugs .com and low and behold, horror stories galore. Be careful with those prescriptions. Of course I’m not giving you medical advice and you have to talk to your doctor about side effects and dosage and before you change anything. Starting and stopping meds on your own can seriously make you crazy too don’t do that, but also, don’t follow authority figures like a braindead drone either. Do your own research and listen to your body and be aware of your mind and body.

In addition, Ashtanga yoga is magick for anxiety.

Best wishes

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You’ve definitely got to see a doctor about this first?! @OnionKnight

Oh you’re on meds, sorry…

I also got a pentacle of Asteroids, i used it once it took me out to a Asteroid belt, where Asteroid Vesta lies, i saw a energy grid, it was a glowing blue energy filled, each filled looked like similar to like a wire fence, clearly seeing close up of the outer planets, and as for the energy filled which is used to keep the Asteroids in positions i could clearly see 10s of thousands, but i was mesmerize buy the energy grid, then i seem to bing down the energy grid keeping all the Asteroids from flying off. In all directions, pentacle of asteroid is powerful enough to also prevent a Asteroid hitting the Earth as well.

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