Antidepressants, Serotonin Brain Zaps, Astral Projection

I felt compelled to document an interesting observation received during astral exits that I know will possibly help someone who has a similar drug history and is struggling with leaving their body.

Short back story. Years back, I learned the hard way that lack of sleep combined with 3 day back to back benders on mdma and related X like drugs leads to seratonin sickness. Also called brain zaps. Google it. If you dont know what’s happening it is scary as fuck, not to mention the emotional fallout. These zaps usually hit me as i was trying to fall asleep. Started in my teeth and blasted through my body. I had no similar experiences I could use to explain it to others at the time (2003ish), so i thought it was some sort of attack. Supposedly antidepressant usage and esp interactions with other drugs can cause similar experiences.

Anyway, those who have experienced something similar and are hoping to astral project is the demographic this is targeted to.

On my first spontaneous fully conscious projection, i was laying in bed and I started getting a VERY VERY SIMILAR ULTRA HIGH VIBRATIONAL SHOCK LIKE EFFECT in my upper chakras. Esp the throat and brow. I thought, damn it!!! Not this shit again, and i rolled on my side and tried to relax through it. My awareness expanded and i was blasting through a tunnel and popped out in a lower astral plane and immediately celebrated that it had finally truly happened!!! I was out of body 100%.

I didn’t make the connection until two nights later when the shocks started again, and I which point my brain made the connection to Robert Bruce’s lessons on the matter, i immediately knew an exit was beginning and I fully gave myself over to it and was off to the astral.

The moral of the story is that if you have had the drug related experiences in the past as a point of reference, and you RANDOMLY start to experience a similar feeling when meditating, DONT PANIC, this is good news…your astral double is about to blast off!!!
So breath, release the last of your bodys tension, think of the astral realm you intend to visit and expand your vibrating astral body in all directions.

I hope this helps someone.