Antidepressants and Magic / spirit works

I’ve taken antidepressants for my entire adult life for depression and anxiety. I feel like they regulate my emotions but while I avoid the real lows I find I don’t get the highs either. I feel like they’re blocking my spiritual and magical abilities too.
Recently I was cleared of some very negative spirit attachments and since then I feel better than I have in years.
I truly think they were the cause of my illness and I want to reduce and eventually wean off my medication to open my full magical potential.

I wondered if anyone has had similar experiences and wouldn’t mind sharing please?

Thank you



Im currently on relpax for bad migraines, codiene when i realy need it and was on 3x75g lyrica to prevent them. You could say i was depressed too to the point of insanity. The lyrica seemed to help with that.

When starting a pact with Azazel constant telepathic thoughts. “You need to get off these tablets”

One day i just stopped taking the lyrica with his help. Im still on relpax. And codiene when i need it.

I starting making ormus to help getting off the other two. Taken in the morning and 6pm when i get home from work. I take reishi mushrooms powdered form which help me sleep at night. Mix half a tea spoon in water and drink it. Tastes horrible but worth it.

DNA activation has helped tremendously. Regarding not sleeping causing headaches.
@Micah has posted a rite. search “Devil Gene”
That also helped with depression. @Yberion has posted a youtube video regarding the reishi mushrooms and a few other things which has helped.

Overall depression has gone and my moods are much better. Though when i ask for help from the infernal shit hits the fan and brings everything to the surface. Chance to clear.

You gotta work on changing your thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to feel whatever is happening, clear and move on.

As for thoughts everything thats not useful gets burned within the black flame. Anything thats usefull wont burn. Use visualisation and imagination. Any thought that i feel is counter productive i imagine a black flame burning it.

Being empathic i do feel what others are feeling. So clearing that constantly also helps. Breathing in calling in all my power, as i breath out sending those feelings which are not mine back to wherever they came from.

Im drawn to towards Qi Gong now. Looking for a place to start learning. In the meantime youtube. I do recall a partial possession with lilith where she said “we need to fix this neck” So off to the physio which helped.

If your guided to do something to help in anyway just do it. Thank your guides later they got ya back.

Lots of work, find what works best for you. You’ll get there.
Make it fun it helps.


Thank you so much and I’m glad you’ve founds methods that help. It really resonated with me when you said ‘allow yourself to feel’ whatever it is I’m feeling. I suppose once you lose the fear of feelings, you gain more control over them. Its since working with Lucifer I’ve felt drawn to breaking down these barriers around myself. I saw an image of clay crumbling from the face of a statue, revealing the true skin beneath. I know now what I must do.

Kindest regards and thanks again




Thank you very much for the Shoutout,
and your compliments.

Very glad to hear about all Success Stories regarding the Devil Gene.

Indeed, when Rory and I created it,
we addressed specifically a case of “getting medication out of the Body”,
so it definitely can be used for that purpose.

As written in the original post,
I highly recommend some experience with Energy work,
and / or General Occult knowledge as a base before working with it.

Editing your own Genetic Coding directly changes your manifested body,
and as powerful it is to help, it can also inflict massive harm,
if misused.

In case you want to use it, @Luci:

I suggest,
regardless of what tools you use to get out of the medication,
and out of Depression:

Install the following base code into your own subconscious.
(Chant it while in trance / Theta State, and drop it down deeply into your being!!)

I Love myself!
I protect myself!
I value my Life!
I make sure,
that I see and recognize,
how beautiful my life is.
I experience,
as I cast Magick into Existence,
how it benefits my life!
I allow my Life to become better then I could have ever imagined!

Repeat 3 to 9 times.
When you finished, sit in silence for a while until you feel you really integrated it.

That base coding is actually aimed at preventing any suicide or suicide attempt from happening,
as those positive affirmations are specifically designed to make your subconscious stop you from trying.

After integration even trying to think of self-harm should result in an instant inner voice toning it away with:
“how could you even state such a thought? don’t you realize, our life is becoming better already?”
Eventually followed by a vision where your subconscious goes into positive memories / future forecasts.

The Wording I coded these affirmations in, should also help generally against depression and feelings of low self-esteem. It might affect your taste in music, colors, and food slightly. Try to go with it, it’s your subconscious adjusting to the new base code.

Note that those affirmations need to be spoken/cast directly by you, in order to work.
Watching a Youtube video about positive affirmations will NOT yield the same result!!!

(oh and congratulations, you just overcame years of wrong education and social conformance by editing your own belief systems.)




Thank you so much, I think I’m being really slow but how do I do the devils gene transformation? Im a bit overwhelmed by all the information and the way my head is right now I feel like I need it dumbed down for me :see_no_evil:Thank you :blush:

Do you grounding and shielding work daily? A lot of depression is negative energy in the different bodies. I have it myself. Its on going battle every day.

I do now yes. I know a guy who is a psychic surgeon and with his spirit guide can remove negative attachments. I had 3 earth bound spirits and two negative entities attached to my etheric field. I also removed unhealthy chords to living people. :slight_smile:

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@Yberion2 and i just started doing these types of astral surgery


I do wonder how many people diagnosed with psychiatric illness are actually victims of parasitic attachments