Anthology of Sorcery in PDF?

Does anyone know or think that EA will put out the Anthology of Sorcery in PDF format eventually like he did with his complete works?

i actually prefer pdf’s due to the conveniency. it would be a definite buy if this was to happen. but of course, i also think Dante should pdf necromantic sorcery as well.

I thought he said he would not do that in one of the youtube vids with Nate.

lets hope they change their minds. eh?

Let’s not twist their damn arms now. I think the fact that you missed out on the Anthology or Necromantic Sorcery is your fault and not theirs.

i never said it was their fault, i know it was my fault, i was in a bit of a pickle financially wise, so thats why i couldnt get either. i was simply stating it would be nice if they did decide to.

I missed buying one by a few days (took my sweet time), found one on eBay for just $20 more than it originally sold for. If you can come up with the cash they’re out there. That would be your best bet, save up and get the physical copy since it doesn’t seem likely that you are going to get a PDF.

thanks for the info!

[quote=“Titan, post:8, topic:3758”]thanks for the info![/quote] I have one for sale!! any bidders out there?