Another thank you to Pazuzu

So I’ve been doing minor work with this demon for some time now, but this demon really proved himself to me in terms of capabilities this morning, and I feel like sharing it. :slight_smile:

Long story short, my baby girl got very sick. For two days straight she was flushed with fever, coughing, refusing to eat, and crying non-stop. I finally made a call to the doctor for the next day to request an appt. for her. I was nervous to do this because my car was in the shop and I had to take the bus, and the doctor’s office is an additional two miles from the nearest stop. The neighborhood in this area is HIGHLY dangerous—notorious for gangbanging, rape, assault, and other nasties.

Naturally, I feared about the safety of me and my baby, and did a simple ritual evoking Pazuzu, offered him a Cedar candle and a plate of grapes and a libation in exchange for protection. I promised him if he did his job, I would give him whatever he desired on his altar.

So the day after (today), I wasn’t this morning that’s my little girl has made a strange miraculous recovering. Bouncing up and down and being her usual cheerful self. I was greatly surprised by this, but decided to take her to her appointment anyway. On my busride there and on my walk to the doctor’s, I didn’t encounter one creep or feel threatened at all! I actually felt like a veil of protection had come and embraced us.

What made it all even better, was that the doctor’s told me my girl was in perfectly good health and that she recovered without struggle. I was so beatific by this news! When I walked out of the office I realized that Pazuzu had most likely cured my baby girl, and did as I requested and protected us underneath his watchful eye.

I was so elated by his work that I stopped by the store to get my child her favorite baby food, as well as what Pazuzu requested from me on the bus ride there. He’s now got a glass of Zinfadel, some peaches, a bowl of nuts, and buttloads of candy on his altar. He’s recently told me he’s making me replenish the last one for a while as gratitude lol.

I cannot thank Pazuzu enough. I’m so happy I listened to people on this forum! Thank you Pazuzu! Your power continues to manifest itself more evidently!