Another small success

This will seem trivial to some of you. But to me, it helped build my trust in magick: I could not find an item. And I live on 2 acres of junk, so finding things can be tough. But this was important. So I relaxed and prayed to “Spirit guide and forces of magick” for help. I found it within 10 seconds.

A result’s a result - no matter the scale! Awesome, you’ve worked really hard for this and deserve to feel proud of yourself, if you don’t mind my opinion. :slight_smile:

All mountains are made of pebbles.

Thanks Lady Eva! I’ve also manifested girls showing an interest in me that are out of my league in the general scene of things. Any dates lined up? No. But I do see movement.

Glad to hear that you’re getting more and more success but @jboy … out of your league? Love and respect yourself more and that will boost your confidence extremly. Confidence is the key, not always physical look or something like that. Why do you need to be out of her league, so you think that you’re lower than someone? … I think that she (and everyone else) should be under your league.

See yourself as equal to or above these people and you will become just that, and don’t settle for any less.

A huge congrats!

Keep going,keep working,and keep growing!

Thanks everybody. And yes RavensAsscent, that will be my goal