Another Rant

So its difficult, while Ive had results (minor) from evocations done, I am tired some days of always going around the same wheel, been taking my meds for schizophrenia (though I dont believe the diagnosis is correct, I just had parasites messing with me.) and going about my life but my future looks bleak, I want to use magick to get into Harvard to help my musical and business career goals but sometimes I feel just like Jimmy from degrassi (which Im going to post the scene here, skip to 7:12 for scene) also due my past betrayal of my ex best friend

also if anyone wants to share talks on here please do

Do you only do evocation or other kinds of magick as well? Might be a good time to fire off some simple sigil rituals to boost your mood and help you come out of your slump.


I do other types of magick too, I work with the sigils in Archangels of Magick, I used the one for Raziel and later clumped over with my back hunched and my arms closed which makes me think I am a bit energetically damaged

Archangels of Magick is good; might I also recommend Mystical Words of Power and Sigils of Power and Transformation.

You might also find Law of Assumption principles handy, in which case I would recommend Neville Goddard (all his works available free online) or Joseph Murphy’s Power of the Subconscious Mind.