Another question

Ok so my second question being that pf different subject all together is i am to understand fully there is evocation and the other 2 discussed within the various videos how does a magician such as myself measure my power to influence the world and as such are spells a neccesary focus point or is it possible to gain so much godlike power that you just wave your hand and your enemies fall

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In EA’s course he talks about when he sent demons after a man and the mans back gave in just at that moment. I actually asked him in regards to this last week, and his answer is that yes it happened, and like most phenomena it was one of those things you can do once, and never happens when you actually try. Similar to the WOW moments you have during rituals where the unimaginable happens, that power can lay dormant within you, and come out when you least expect it.

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Everyone has there own area(s) of magick where they are gifted or certain skills. How you measure those gifts thats a good question I never thought how to measure. I think that might be just a matter of practice. Keeping a journal and recording your rituals. Time of day, what day, your mood, weather etc. See if there are conditions that make your rituals more effective.Treat it like a science and see if that works

Some people have hereditary magick or magick from incarnating with magickal ability over and over again and have an easier time manifesting what they want in life. They could lose control of their emotions and curse someone.They can do it without any assistance from gods or dieties. With practice and trust in themselves they might be able to advance faster than someone that doesn’t have natural talent. But still someone who doesn’t have natural talent can practice, work and study hard and be more powerful vs a naturally gifted person who is lazy and just expects the universe to hand them everything on a silver platter.So in some cases the stronger will wins.

Theres also synchronicity you could just be at the right place at the right time. Be in the zone so to speak.

Ive just had times where I had ill will towards someone, thought of something bad happening to them and it happened. My emotions just manifested. But i try to do something on purpose and it doesn’t work.