Another question regarding the theta/gamma

Hi everyone her on BALG forum. I posted one thread on how to get into the theta/gamma state.
I haven’t exactly practiced before, and this is because I’m afraid I won’t be able to slip into that state.
One time I was on a friend on a cruise, and there was this ‘hypnotist’ who did so for entertainment. I had to leave the state because he said, "Some people just can’t be hypnotized."
Anyway back to the point, these are my questions:

1.) Is is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to get your brain to sync into theta/gamma for magick to occur? Can you just light some candles, get relaxed, be mindful, kind of meditative.

2.) How will you know once you have reached the theta-gamma state.

Thanks guys!

I found to be deep in the sync necessary for me to perform evocations where i can visualize the spirit and talk with it.

I had results with spellcasting without being in deep theta-gamma, but light one.

The more you pratice the more you get into it, i had to be very patient and persistent, but it is real and works. Just keep trying, its not something you learn with step by step, for me it was very internal learning and only pratice lead me to it and i still didnt master it.

Deep Theta-gamma synch is absolutely necessary. Magick does not work without it! All of the symbols, candles, chants ect are to aid you in entering the gnostic trance. Fortunately for you, and everyone else, theta trance is a natural state of conscious just before entering sleep. So if you’ve ever been to sleep before in your life you’ve also been in theta trance.

Exercise One: Observe yourself falling asleep. Wait till you’ve almost become unconscious and then open your eyes! You’ll be in trance. Also you are in trance the first couple of minutes when you wake up. You need to recreate that state and hold that state for the duration of the ritual. This is vital to all magickal work!

Exercise two: Find a favorite meditation exercise. Prior to doing the exercise smoke a fat joint. Do exercise. Realize that the exercise is pointless and the state has been achieved through smoking cannabis. Stare off into space. That permanent stare is the start of TG synch. Feel it, experience it and let it take you. Use a mirror, or sigil to aid you in this exercise. Good luck.


Oh i guess i made a confusion between theta trance and rapture.

Rapture occurs when the theta state is held so close to the edge of Delta sleep that massive gamma waves fire in the brain. This is when spirits appear and out of body experience happens, magick is at its most potent at this point of rapture.

This, for me, seems to describe the sync rather nicely;

“The sound of the breath is smooth and unbroken like the continuous pouring of oil from a bottle. The practice reaches its maximum power and seems to have a life of its own. You will eventually have the impression of crossing a mental state, which is like falling asleep, then suddenly returning to full awareness and realizing you are basking in a spiritual light. It’s like a plane emerging from clouds into a clear transparent sky”.

Taken from Part II: Definition of the Kriya Yoga Techniques by Ennio Nimis.

Thanks for your instructions. I never thought a tid bit of an illegal substance would hurt any spiritual experience, more so it would enhance.
The thing is I can’t smoke a fatty, I’ve never been partial to mary-jane, it gives me anxiety attacks.
Any other substances you could recommend? What about a shot or two of vodka?


So you’re one of the few who is naturally incompatible with the good herb. You can try the meditation route. It may take longer but I hear the journey is worth it. As far as other substances, you can drop a milligram of xanax into a cup of nice bourbon, rum or red wine and drink it at the height of ritual. This should give you a massive boost for magickal work. Also helps with out of body experience. Valium works too. The downside is with controlling the ritual one the drug has been ingested.

Lack of control is one of the major downsides to drug use in ritual. You also have to think that on the go you can’t just light a doob anywhere you feel like it. It can be a hindrance in a lot of situations outside of ideal privacy conditions. That’s why I always recommend meditation and getting better at doing what your brain does naturally through practice. Not completely downing the effectiveness of drug use but simply pointing out the downfalls.

Also it can become a crutch, people find it easier to slip into trance states and don’t bother learning other methods. Also take into consideration your tendency to addiction as well. I’m not speaking of weed as much as Xanax it is addictive when used long term and isn’t fun to kick. I have an addictive personality so I have to really monitor myself. If I smoke one joint or bowl I’ll end up smoking my ass off for a good month or two. If I start drinking I don’t stop until either its gone or I’m too drunk to get the glass to my face.

It took me a while to learn how to stay in the sync, when I quit trying to hold it I found I could hold it longer. Relax and let it happen, the more you try to do it the harder it is. It took me a long time to learn that.

Yeah I recommend extreme caution with xanax. It’s a tool, not a toy and should be treated as such. I prefer it for soul travel and OBE over evocation, though it does work. As far as addictive personality, this is a case by case issue. I’ve lived the musician lifestyle and seen the pitfalls and traps for many people. Especially with alcohol and hard drugs. Their downfall is much greater than any benefits. Marijuana, however, I view completely different. It’s is a sacrament for me and has been a part of my ritual and musical practice for the bulk of my life. Yes, I can fall into trance without it, but it’s much more natural and intense when I have it available. If you are a Noob then I definitely recommend it because once you’ve experienced the TG synch it’s easier to reproduce whether you use marijuana or not. Also I’m not too worried about running into a situation where I can’t use it during ritual. I live by myself in a very 420 friendly apartment community. Hell, we smoke out by the pool regularly.