Another person's blood

So if I were to say give a spirit the blood of another person and spirits when given blood get a connection to that person would that spirit and person be linked?

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From my understanding you don’t give someone else’s blood in your own work that affects you personally as it’s your work - you work it you own it so to speak.

If you use another person’s blood then yes you are most likely empowering that work with their DNA and force - one reason not to use the underage daughter’s menstrual blood in a love ritual to get menopausal mummy a new boyfriend!

Animal blood would be different from what I understand - it’s neutral from what I’ve read. Haven’t used it as I’ve only ever used my own blood for my own work.


But what if it is your work that also effects them?

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I’m not sure. If it’s for purely aesthetic reasons then maybe no. But if you’re trying to do something with the energy, I would imagine that the person in question would feel the effects of the ritual.

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I’m not planning anything… at the moment just blood has always interested me.

The blood of the other could be used to establish a link to the person that you can then direct the ritual at. Incoperating it into a poppet or figure candle ment to target that person for example would give you a form to focus your intent on.


Blood is sacred; yes I love using it and I love giving it to my Goetics and Dukante Gods but I’m also aware that some instances it’s not appropriate to use blood because once it’s given it can’t be revoked.

The work I am doing with Dantalion, Rosier, Marbas all involves blood, the work I am doing to bring the Beloved into my life involves blood, I am accepting that responsibility because those outcomes are what I want and I will deal with them and if they aren’t going quite right I will wear my big horse knickers and sort it out.

If the other person is not aware that you’ve taken their blood, e.g. menstrual blood and you are working with it then it’s your call if you think it’s right to do that, all I say is the example I’ve given where menopausal mummy wants a new boyfriend and she uses her underage daughter’s blood, what do you think would happen?

I can’t tell you not to do it or to do it, you have your reasons and no doubt at some point if not already someone has done this to me - my blood’s been used or might be (fetishistic trophy) but as far as I know it creates a link to the person whether it be good or bad.

May I suggest that you watch this - some of what she says is laugh out loud hilarious but sit there and watch this it is good… I love this woman’s energy!

Magickal Lady Duchess Blood Magick Video

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