Another Newbie

Hello, I’m 4 of Diamonds (my birthday card based on the Cards of Truth or Destiny Cards.) I live in the Upper Midwest. I’ve been subscribed to E.A.'s YouTube channel for quite a few years but never checked out BALG much. I’ve been lurking in the forum for a few weeks now and found so much useful information. You guys are really helpful.

I’ve had an interest in the occult since probably my early teens (I’m in my 30s now.) I grew up spending weekends at the library picking out random occult and esoteric books to read. It also helped that I spent years listening to Art Bell and had an Aquarian parent who was really into sci-fi and out there kinds of stuff. My interests have generally been astrology, various forms of divination and occult history.

I haven’t actually tried magick much. I am looking to learn more about it in general and get into a regular practice. I’m interested in magick for self-improvement and to have more influence over the direction of my life. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

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Welcome to the BALG forum!