Another Leviathan working day :1 - balance

Working with leviathan day 1 : balance

Balence can bring many things to like peace joy, but how to do it?
Leviathan told me how to do it
Activate your Chakra and with the intent of balencing, focus on them
How to balence all Chakras
Simply focus your crown and base Chakra then let the energitic flow to occur feels like a exchange.
The base Chakra the fire, darkness
The crown Chakra the water and light
The heart Chakra the balancer, which the true self lives within, which is connected to the throat, as someone cannot live without getting their self and voice know to the universe

i evoked leviathan to teach me the secret chambers and the darkness of the subconcius mind here the evocation that i was guidedn by intuition:

“jedan tasa hoeta leviathan
O leviathan mega serpent of the element of water and of the void
o leviathan teach me how to enter my heart and the chambers of my subconcious mind
teach me how to be an innner master so,i will become a god
o leviathan come and teach me”




see the ida nadi coil? or that current of energy?
that was the thing that i refered as the energetic exhange of the bas and crown chara