Another introduction thead

Hello! Glad to be registered, at last. So, I’m from Russia, been interested in occult for more or less 12-15 years with occasional practicing. My first experience with magick was some Hermetic energy exercises and everyday practices when I was… 10? 12? Don’t remember now, somewhere in between maybe. First practical semi-magick in my life was a little bit of healing with energy (self-invented technique, lol), I just imagined pulling energy from environment (“from nature”, as I thought it), then "pouring"it through my hands at the source or pain, and again “pulling” negative energy from the body of “patient” and dissipate it in the air/earth.

Ridiculous as it may sound, it sort of was enough to heal someone’s headache or rid my aunt of insomnia by “charging” a stone and instruch her to hold it while she sleep, leaving stone under the sun at daytime to “recharge”.

Then there was another attempts, doing techniques from “Mysteria Magica” and another book written by Bardon, but nothing practical.

Then there was a period of Gallery of Magick books, esp. their money magick, but not limited to it. Only now I understand that it all (or almost, I failed miserably with creation of servitor) sort of worked, but I totally didn’t even get it, it worked in too “natural” of a ways.

Biggest success as of late was getting my boss to pay me a hefty debt in full a ±week from doing the ritual when I needed it most.

And now I’m starting again. I understood something about why my magick was not always spectacular - I thought about as a shortcut, too lazy to use it tactivally, too lazy to do my own effort, while it’s more of an edge to your efforts. A HUGE one, but still. And it worked as good as it could - and it WAS spectacular after all, considering circumstances. This time I started to fix the real problem. Me.

So, I currently working with Success Magick, Mystical Words of Power and Archangels of Magick by GoM, using it for inner work. Correcting the flaws that prevent my outer workings from bearing results to it’s fullest. I started at 1’st of September, and already shocked by results. Quitted at least one HUGE bad habit (even sort of addiction), taking action now requires almost no effort, became more perceptive, feeling MUCH more healthy etc.

So, my interests rn is keep my inner workings (rn moving to Archangel Invocation technique to help me enhance myself even more), do a petition ritual from Demons of Magick for a little bit of outer stuff (need some help with my online ventures), rise my energy levels, and then start creating servitors.

Sorry for the wall of text!


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