Another interesting lesson from Belial

So recently, I was doing a lot of thinking about certain topics. Specifically, I was thinking about my fear of the unknown and how I can’t prepare for everything no matter how hard I try. It made me really frustrated and angry.

But then Belial told me: “You don’t have to prepare for everything. It’s better to let things happen and adjust as best as you can. And if you fail in the process, then you fail. Such is the natural order of things.”

It really made me feel better.

I just wanted to share.


Control and grounding are really his top things he learn huh? Or am i wrong?

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Yeah. You can’t exactly be your own master if you don’t know how to “control” your situation. :joy:


That’s comforting. I’ve just started my work recently and I’m often afraid I’m not doing my banishing right, or that I’m trying to contact Astaroth without preparing and training on smaller entities first, but usually the fear turns into comfort while meditating. Also agree on letting things happen: better get scared and see what’s out there than live my life thinking “what if I had overcome my fear”.

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