Another insuccess with demons

I’m looking for a job so i tried to perform some ritual to enhance my chances, an interview was already scheduled so i just tried to call for some help to get it fine and smooth.
I called for specifical demons to help me remove anxiety, find answers in stressful situations and to make the recruiter aknowledge my qualities.
(don’t remember all their names but i followed the book’s stated powers for each, two of them were Paimon and Ipos)
The result was that the interview never had place, and the recruiter disappeared never calling me back without explanation whatsoever.

What did go wrong?
I’m using Henry Archer’s Union of Power book(which has not a good reputation on the forum either when talking about results).

Well I don’t know if it helps, but think of it this way. What if the recruiter knew the job/business was a terrible and mentally destructive place to work, and did you a favour by ghosting you? If that were the case, then you kinda got what you asked for… retrocausally-speaking. :stuck_out_tongue: no anxiety over a shit job, getting an answer in a stressful situation (leave the business), and perhaps the recruiter felt bad for hiring someone else into that hellhole.

Have you used the book a lot? If it’s not working out for you, definitely recommend exploring other systems and seeing if there is something which fits better.


yes me too didnt have much of success with this book,but its good book.results depends on many factors.
also gallery of magick has a book about jobs_The magickal job seeker