Another experience with a "grey"

So I was sleeping in bed and I was on the edge of waking up. I opened my eyes, and just laid there for a bit. The air then began to feel like concrete, it was very intense and almost overwhelming. I knew a spirit was in the room as I centered my focus I could feel it was right next to my bed. I then drifted back into sleep to see what would happen. It was hard to tell if my eyes where closed or open at this next stage as it happened almost instantly. I sat up and the room was really dark (Even though it was day time.). I did not face the spirit directly as I already knew it was there. I then asked what the spirits symbol that represented its identity. The wall in front of me lit up in hundreds of symbols and geometric shapes made of blue (Electric blue.) light. The only symbol I recognized was the symbol of chaos (The one with arrows pointing north, north east, east, ect…). The spirit then grabbed my soldier and low and behold it was a grey type creature with big black eyes and about 4-5 feet tall. It was saying something to me but its voice sounded far away, though I could hear that it was female. Oh, and it was also pointing at me. I’m still honing my communication skills to hear the spirits voices (I’m starting to get to the point of break through, as I can now make out some words as if they are being spoken right next to me, more work needs to be done though.). I then told the spirit that my skills weren’t honed enough to effectively communicate so I wanted to end the experience. I then opened my eyes and started thinking about other things. And this is where shit got crazy. A ball of blue light formed in front of my chest (I am now awake mind you.) and it got brighter and brighter then shot out through the roof of my room. When it shot out through the roof it felt like a miniature explosion and my entire body jolted. The air no longer felt like concrete.

Now the last time I experienced one of these entities I acted defensively as I did not know what its motives where and I wanted nothing to do with it. I now know that that may not have been the best course of action (And its rather rude.). I have heard both bad and good things about these entities and I have decided to find out on my own. I mean what is life without risks right?

Hell it might not even be what I think it is. I could just be perceiving it as a grey as my mind automatically just goes to “well if its not human it must be this.”. Anywho, just another experience I wanted to share with you guys.

Interesting incident. In the past 20 years I’ve seen a grey about 2 times,with my 3rd eye not physical eyes. Always next to the bed like that but I never tried to talk to it, and no ball of light. Reminds me of that CEO of that company can’t remember his name, he had a similar ball of light incident, he assumed it was aliens and began wasting his millions searching for UFOs. I personally believe it is spirit, not E.T.

Well I have seen a UFO one time at a friends house. It was strange because he just randomly walked over to his door, opened it up, then said “whoa come look at this UFO.”. It was a green light in the sky that was moving in directions impossible to pull off with today’s tech (That the common public is aware of.). It then turned red as it shot off into the black nights sky. Something else I find interesting is that the 2 other people I was with do not recall the sighting (Doubt it means anything I hang out with a bunch of stoners.). I just wish I was looking at the clock at the time to see if lost time was experienced.

Here’s a good video/documentary that discusses the alien/spirit connection: