Anoint with Dark Arts oil, but then what?

I want to do one of the baneful rituals from S. Hutton’s “Highly charged magick that really works”. In this ritual you anoint a picture of your enemy (triple bind rune on the back side) with Dark arts oil and then charge it with your wand. But he hasn’t written what to do with the anointed picture next. Burn, put it in the ground or put away to be undisturbed.
Suggestions, please?

Personal opinion as I have not read that book or am I familiar with the author.

I would say it is up to what you feel you should do. If you are performing a baneful rite and using the picture you can do what you want to it as a way to channel your anger or whatever against your target. Smash it tear it to pieces etc.

In the end it is usually recommended to burn such items though. To seal the deal and be done with it.

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