ANNOUNCEMENT : Draugadrottin and Wallpurgis nacht

I have excellent news to share with you.

The first is that my book Draugadrottin, Lord of the Undeads, has just been re-printed for the third time, in a limited version. The second impression having been quickly exhausted, I have for several months received emails from magicians all over the world asking me if I still had any in stock.
Well, I am pleased to announce that the cloth and leather versions are now available on Become a Living God.

The second is that on the occasion, I will be practicing again the infamous Wallpurgis Natch ritual s this year, in order to initiate new members into the current of Undeath.
Those who participated in our ritual last year can attest to the effects of this ritual. Many of them continue to write to me on a regular basis and tell me of the progress they have made in contact with the vampiric mentors that have answered our call. I am constantly delighted that many of them have seen their abilities in astral travel, necromancy and the manipulation of life essences increased immensly, and have now become genuine adepts on the path to Immortality.
In order to maximize the power of the ritual, it will be performed this year in one of the most haunted era of the Alps, where I will evoke the lineage of the Strigoi, so that those will enter into a blood pact with each new initiate willing to undertake this ritual with me.

This pact is a commitment. The adept who is preparing must be ready to contemplate the darker sides of his being and make them his own, if he is to be able to survive his own death. The Undeads will awaken in him the abilities to drain vital essences and dream magic ,allowing the immortality of the astral body and the consciousness that occupies it. By bonding to them, the human adept anrchors his footsteps in theirs, becoming over the rituals, ever closer to their glorious condition.

The Night of Walpurgis (April 30) is always a figure of moment of rebirth in the European magickal tradition. The spirits rush to the places of the ritual and feed on the essence released by the evocators. This night is particularly promising for those who wish to seal a pact with the powers of the Beyond.

Join me in the Unholy Night, by purchasing my book and the Wallpurgisnacht ritual, exclusively on Become a Living God.

As the chain of the Undeads expands, year after year, eon after eon…