Has anyone ever tried to evoke the spirit/demon said to be trapped in the Annabelle doll?

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But what I find interesting about that spirit is that it is said to be a spirit of a deceased girl. Now, suppose that all the events that the spirit caused were true, I can’t help but wonder how did it get so powerful? If it really did cause those bleeding slashes on a person, and that guy on a motorcycle to crash, then I would go so far as to say that this spirit is more powerful than quite a lot of Goetic demons.


Yes but it could also be a spirit masking as a little girl …which I find more believable than it being a little girl.
It somehow formed the attachment to the doll and it would have made sense to play on the sympath you of the college girls by acting as a little girl.

But that opens a whole can of worms as to why and how it became attached to a doll.

The college students mom bought it for her as a birthday present from a thrift shop and thatslithered pretty much where the trail grows cold.

I can agree. If it truly did those things it is a powerful entity for sure.
It’s kinda sad that everything like that is approached with the Christian dogma and not as black magicians would.
I would love to research more.


Which is more plausible, yes.

Most entities we work with can’t influence the physical DIRECTLY. Like, really, ask them to move something in front of you. 9 times out of 10 it won’t happen. If the spirit we’re talking about really did what people said it did, then it’s on a completely different level.

And, I don’t think it can be evoked. You might be able to evoke an ASPECT of the spirit, but the spirits itself, the whole, nah. That’s what I think, anyway.

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I think you can the thing is finding out who or what exactly it is. It’s obviously more than a regular demon.
So finding out exactly what your working with and how to call it would be the trick.
I’m not sure if a picture of Annabelle and just the name would do it. But it’d be the closest to the spirit that I would know to work with. Maybe reach out to the doll and feel through it. Idk.

But it’s very interesting for sure. And makes me wonder :thinking:


It’s more than enough. Want to try to find out the demon’s name? And, perhaps…release it from its prison?

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That’s what I’ve been thinking about. :slight_smile:


So it’s a project then. When do you want to do it and how?

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Tomorrow night? It’d be easy to get a picture of Annabelle they are all over the Web. And we have that name.
I think maybe almost like a regular evocation. We evoke it and get the information and find out what we need to do.
I think I would need to utilise my circle and be comfortable. And use a time with the least distractions.
What do you think?


Sounds good.

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It’ll have to be around 11:30 to midnight my time…eastern


I have a hard time believing anything the Warrens say. They are so fucked up and eschewed toward Christianity it’s funny.


I don’t necessarily trust them either, but I am open-minded on the matter. There could be some truth behind what they’re saying. Maybe not.

I don’t trust the Warrens and I don’t trust the medium the girls took the doll to first.

I don’t doubt the college girls story of what happened though.

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Well there s the movie Annabele Creation that explains how the family wanted to get in contact with their daughter but it wasn t the daughter, it was a demon. If i can remember right… Anyways the movie is like the prequel to all, Anabelle and The Conjuring

The movie was a let down honestly nothing like the actual story.


@Eye_of_Ra I dont know the real story so i can t talk about that honestly, but i considered the movie better than others sharing the genre lately. If you could share the actual story i d gladly read it.

When I evoked the spirit, of the Annabelle doll , after I insisted it not try to convince me it’s a child. And tell me who it is,

I got at first a horned figure which I wasnt truly convinced of considering I had just watched beauty and the beast.

So I kept pushing through the vision…
I finally saw a hooded figure that seemed to be on fire on the inside … I could see what looked like tattoos but as you get closer you realize it’s fire or something else coming through.

What I got is that he is from the Persian Impire.
Was very prominent
He studied different magics and became what he is.
I asked how he got attached to the doll and he said over so many years one can travel and end up in many places.

He referred to me as princess which surprised me at first . …I asked how he knew that …since its something the demons I work with the most call me.

He said I am from the Persian empire a king in its time…I studied many religions and magic practices
Do you not think I would recognise._____ when I see her?

From that I gather he worked with dark arts and learned what most of us want to learn. He not a demon …he’s not a child.

So this is what I’ve gotten so far.


@Eye_of_Ra I am having a hard time evoking spirits to physical form like you did. Can you share with me how I can do it. Please.

I close my eyes and reach out…
Something inside me moves out to touch the spirit I’m trying to see. I feel past the outer layer because that’s usually false or a mask. I keep pushing with my mind until I get deeper into the spirit. They I see it …
You have to let fears go and anything else that might hinder you from seeing them.
Ask them to reveal themselves to you. If your open and respectful you should see.