Anise oil on forehead a good idea?

Lately I have been putting Anise essential oil on my forehead to help awaken my clairvoyance, but then my forehead begins to feel spicy itchy… is it a good idea to keep anointing my forehead with anise oil?

Thanks in advance!

You might want to research the medicinal facts and make sure your skin isn’t haven’t a reaction.

I know some oils are phototoxic for instance.


If you are having a reaction to anything you are putting on your skin, it would be wise not to use it. Anise oil can cause photosensitivity (burning or skin discoloration) as well as skin irritation. If you are using essential oils, knowing the medicinal side effects and how to dilute the oil is important. I got a really nasty burn from lemon oil because I did not look up that it causes photosensitivity. Just some food for thought


I see… thank you for advising me! PM me to advise me on other ways I can use anise oil. Thank you.

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Bottom line don’t put non fractionated oils on skin an example but not promote at all is doTTera with their frankincense. Young Living is popular in America … cannot think of companies just now I have tried oils from both .
Research understand the properties.
Here’s a tip cloves n anise can burn the skineven as a tea . These herb/ spice etc make great for toothaches.
There are plenty of natural skin care shops we have The Body Shop and Lush for example whom use not known combinations of oils in their products. Again fractionated oils.
The above answers are important. This is just example reply to provide the idea of varying the way you can apply topically or ingest.

Personally I would not even put anise on my skin directly but you may mix things like ginger and clove and soak your feet Epson salts and fractionated or grapeseed or bath oil.
Look up spagyrics and basically alchemy witches herb lore and medicinal chem- compounds and how these can interact with whatever medications you may or not be consuming


i would never put essential oil without deluted first