Animal Necromancy

I am starting this thread to foster discussion about animal necromancy, a topic which is understudied in the occult. By animal necromancy, I mean working with the shades of animals.

Reasons to take up the study that I can think of:

  1. Interested in therianism (shapeshifting into an animal, like a werewolf)? Work with the animal spirits.
  2. More legal than human necromancy. Many people have a pet buried in their backyard, which can serve the same purpose as a human graveyard. And it is better to dig up fluffy for relics than fluffy’s owner, most places.
  3. Most of the skills are transferable. Shade summoning and death essence manipulation is the same, so it can be an easier place to begin.

In my own practice, I have found that graveyard dirt taken from my dog’s grave works just as well as human grave dirt.

I also want to give you a recipe for a necromantic elixir so power, and specifically honed toward animal necromancy, that it has become a cornerstone of my practice. Warning: while not as bad as Serpent’s Blood, the manufacture is physically and spiritually dangerous, not to mention incredibly disgusting.

The elixir mortis animalis is made with the following recipe:

  1. Find an animal which has died in situ. Roadkill works well. The body should be sufficiently decayed that many of the bones are exposed and bleached white by the sun.
  2. gather the remains in a vessel, which has been consecrated to that purpose. A plastic pale works very well. You may need to do a little dis-articulation to get the remains to fit.
  3. Leave the pale in a graveyard right before it is to rain. Allow the pale to be filled with the rain water.
  4. Allow the water to remain in the bucket for at least nine days, but it is much better to wait until the water has turned stagnant and murky and has mosquito larvae in it. It may smell putrid.
  5. Take a measure of the water (it is not only fine but preferable if little bits are left in the water) and place it on the necromantic altar. Charge the water with the death essence.

death essence sticks to this stuff like glue. pour some on your tools (outdoors) or on the altar or on the ground or in the manifesting triangle.

Now, If you don’t want to make this stuff yourself, I have some extra. Email me or friend me on facebook and I’ll see if I can hook you up. Don’t PM me here. Unfortunately due to labor and time cost I can’t afford to give it away, and I can’t sell it here under the new rules. What I can do for free is give you advice on making it yourself.

I’m putting up a series of videos on my youtube channel to continue the conversation. The First one is here [url=]Animal Necromancy part 1 - YouTube

So, I’d love to know what experiences you all have had in the field.

Amicus C.

[email protected]

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The only experiences I’ve had have been more along the lines of psychopomp work to check on the shades of animals I’ve had put to sleep, which is a slightly different thing to necromancy and arguably deals with a different aspect of the animal’s soul.

From that work, and healing work done on living animals, I concluded that:

  1. animals have a Higher Self in the same manner that humans do, and not (as human arrogance often leads people to state) merely a species Oversoul, though that probably exists as well;

  2. animals have beings who look out for them in a similar manner to the way some spirits look out for humans, there have been at least 3 seperate occasions when a being has made itself known to me and passed judgement or offered advice on my actions towards a certain animal;

  3. a pet animal can merge a part of its essence with the owner after death, when both animal and human are not ready to be parted - I have a part of one of my pets inhabiting me because we really loved each other, and she didn’t want to let go after death, and I wasn’t ready to let her go - this was from long before I understood about psychopomp work, and we’re kind of symbiotic by now.

I think that’s all I have on this, but it’s an intriguing line of practice you have there.

My grandmothers backyard has decades of dead pets.

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I think about this often. I have lots of birds that come around my house and I find myself entertaining the thought of using one of their souls as a kind of servant. Now, i don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but i don’t actually have the patience to wait for bird to drop dead in my yard, and for some reason i have a very strong desire to get my hands dirty ( i hope you see where this is going) anyways, I’m thinking of taking the heart of a bird and use it to summon the birds spirit. I don’t expect for the spirit of a pigeon to retaliate after being bound to some object. Imagine, someone upsetting you enough to send a flock of spirit birds to torment their dreams. Forget about the crazy lady with all the cats, right?

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Just because you attempt to bind the spirit doesn’t mean it can’t retaliate.

Of course, what I should have said was I’m not expecting the spirit to retaliate VERY MUCH, this is part of the reason I haven’t worked with human spirits. I would never consider binding the spirit of the dead if I knew he or she was unwilling. I feel that its much easier to impose my will on a small creature than on human being. Alive or dead. From here in sure we can get into a debate on whether or not the animal spirit wants to be bound but that’s not my concern. I never think about if my dog wants to go outside or not, it doesn’t matter because I said go outside. Now my dog might try to turn the other way so she doesn’t get put out but all it takes is for me to raise my voice slightly and she knows I’m serious. Try forcing another person to go outside and you’re likely to get hit the face.

Resistant spirits are the worst to work with. Animal or human. Find a spirit actually wanting to work.

If you are wanting to work with the spirits of birds start making offerings to them, they’ll usually answer in kind. You may not get a heart to work with but a bone, skull or talon or even feathers would work just as well to bind or seat a spirit.

Binding a spirit against it’s will can be done but safeguards need to be taken and forces put in place to assist in the binding.

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This roadkill shit seems kinda nasty when you can just use graveyard dirt lol

Road kill? Gross, I was gonna buy a pellet gun haha, Although cutting open a bird may get a bit messy, its a certain aesthetic that makes me feel more witchy.

Pigeons mate for life so you might really piss the whole pigeon community off that way. At least make a payment and continue to feed them as a way of ameliorating this, though I agree with Euoi and -TWF- that a pissed off and coerced spirit (even “just” a bird) is likely more trouble than it’s worth.

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Plan on getting shit on all day lol

I see what you guys are saying, I would prefer to avoid trouble with the dead anyways. Synchronicity was the word of the night though. I was outside smoking a cigarette when my dog walked up to me with a dead pigeon in her mouth. A cat had killed the poor thing in my yard not moments before so I took a feather and did what -twf- recommended. Some water and bread was all it took and the spirit immediately responded to the offerings. I use the Tarot when I communicate with spirits so I asked if the spirit was actually the spirit of the bird from earlier. I pulled out four cards and found them all to be in suit of swords which corresponds to the element of Air. I feel like that was definitely a truthful answer. He still here by the way, so I plan on building a relationship with the creature in hopes that perhaps i found my familiar. That’s whole different topic in and of itself but like i said, the word of night is Synchronicity.

SWEET! :slight_smile:

Animal spirits appear to gain merit which helps them in future incarnations when they assist humans, I don’t really understand this system but it happened for one of our pets, a cat who helped me a lot, and was given some kind of favoured future because of it, so this could be great for all involved.

I haven’t used this specifically for the purpose of gathering animal artefacts (that usually happens spur of the moment rather than purposefully) but when I’m able to go hunting for fresh meat and enjoyment, I will first take a meditative moment and “send out” a clear call throughout the area where I will be hunting, honestly and respectfully sending out my intentions to hunt an animal and kill it cleanly. Killing and struggling to survive happen in Nature, it it ‘beyond good and evil’ to make use of what’s now perhaps a cliche. Essentially, I “sound the hunting horn”, give fair warning, and ‘ask for volunteers’ to be killed by me for my nourishment. If you have trouble understanding why on earth an animal would do that, well, I believe they honestly feel differently about the whole matter, and I also have gotten the intimation that doing this kind of ‘service’ does somehow benefit them in some way after a given death.

They know from me that I will only take a clean shot, I will make their death as easy as possible and spend their last moments with them, I will respect them - and I’ve never had to come back empty-handed or felt that I’ve ever hunted an animal was resentful over being killed.

I’m sure that sounds weird as all hell, but that’s one perspective. Don’t put it out of the question in the future to actually negotiate with the animal about your intentions, if killing really is necessary for whatever artefact you’re trying to attain for yourself.

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