Animal lovers - let’s bury this bitch

Obviously I won’t post this persons name or pic but it’s one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse as witnessed by my own family member who works in animal control.

The dog was tortured, and left to die in a park. Most of you know I’m from the mitten so that’s enough to find the waste of blood and bone that did this.

Sources tell me he’s a dead man walking but let’s speed it up and go for the gf and the friend responsible for the adoption.

You know what to do .



I love animals more than people. My two dogs are the world to me, but are you 100% positive the accusations are true? And, if it’s not true, can’t the curse, spell, hex, attack, assignment be rebounded to sender?


I believe it would only rebound if you expect it to. Even if it “wasn’t true,” what’s done is done. Whoopsie, moving on, etc. One should hope, however, such information is straightened out and solidified before the curse is thrown as to avoid such a situation from even being a concern!


Having some trouble finding the right case online. When did this happen?

It happened January 24th and it’s 100% confirmed. It was the owner and he’s in custody. He couldn’t adopt due to his living situation so his friend did it for him - also his gf witnessed him beat the dog repeatedly as discipline.

They turned him in when the reward reached $4500 - I feel they’re also at fault. :pensive:


Consider it done when I find him online. Lucifer hates animal abusers


That shite is sickening. I find it have to cleanse myself even hearing of it so as not to hold anything in. Thinking of the culprits as a curse in waiting adds weight to it --well that’s what I think.


I couldn’t read the full post as anything involving animals getting hurt brings me to tears, my heart is aching just from the brief glimpse i took. But I have this to add towards those involved

“May the crocodile be against them in the water, may the snake be against them on land, too all those who made that beautiful creature weep, you will not rest, you will not sleep, you will only fret, you will only fray, this is justice, you shall not get away. Head to toe, skin and nerve, may you get exactly what you deserve. Abusers you are cursed to suffer, may it strike you all worse then any other. It is done”

Worthless horrible scum, oh it makes my blood boil!!!


Thank you all for the support in this. It truly was one of the worst things and anytime I see his face I get physically ill. I hope when he’s in jail someone sticks a fork in his urethra and sets his ass on fire. I can’t stand this sort of thing :frowning:


How about a black beast waking him every night in terror, never letting him sleep again. Letting him fall into insanity and eventually die.