Animal in the room

Hi i just wanted to know if it’s good to invoke a goetia with an animal in the room ??

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they have no problem with my dog. He is always by my side. I got him from a rescue, He was being abused, Burned with a hot poker, burned in his privates etc.



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I have an million animals. I never worried about them with an beings since they aren’t really ill willed as Christian man would like us to think. Demons are always evils and angels aren’t always saints. They will exit (if they can) if they don’t like the being. If they are caged and don’t like it. They will become rowdy. Just pay attention to how they react. If they are chill they are fine. If they aren’t give them an escape so to speak. It will be the animal not the goetia. Just pay attention to the animal’s comforts level :heart:


I’ve been working with Lucifer as my patron, and various other Goetics for about 2 years now. My feisty chihuahua has been in the room with me during every invocation/evocation since. He just turned 8 and his energy level and vitality has never seemed better. The spirits seem to like him around because he’s my little familiar hellhound (not saying this is directly correlated to my workings with these spirits or anything, could be, who knows lol)

Animals are very empathetic to their surroundings so my advice would be to monitor how he/she acts after an invocation, use your intuition and go from there. I think you guys should be fine! Best of luck.


Yes you can, just try to make sure that the animal is aware of your intentions. Animals don’t like unwelcome visitors. You have to let them know the spirit is welcome just like a person would be welcomed.

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I invoke with my cat in the room all the time. He’s super nosy and all up in my business :smile: Just make sure the pets don’t knock over candles or get their whiskers singed!

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I normally kick my cats out due to the amount of smoke I produce with my incense…which usually results in them getting rowdy trying to get into the room lol especially if I am making a catnip offering to Baset


That’s hilarious! And a good point. I am also careful when working with essential oils because a lot of them are toxic to cats

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