I work with demons only. What would I benefit from working with angels as well?

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The same as you would working with each individual demon, angels can do the same thing demons can simply their energy is different from a demon’s as well as an angel’s presence feels much different from a demon’s presence. Some think angels work slower but that’s not true, nor do angels really need to work within some silly confines but can work the same as demons.

Either way depends on the group of angels, Ma’ati angels are of Ma’at, Erote angels of love are of Aphrodite, Judeo angels of Yahweh, and so on.


No that I think of it I did actually work with Opfaal once. He put his hand on my head and healed me completely. :slight_smile:

That’s not Opfaal. He doesn’t heal. He is the Angel of Deliverance. He breaks curses, and frees the mind from phobias and addictions.

First people on this forum start calling Mepsitahl a demoness, and now she’s an angel and an “enchantress?” :roll_eyes:

Mepsitahl is a spirit from the Sphere of Neptune, who specialises in opening up and training the psychic faculties. She is neither angel nor demon nor “enchantress” (though, as a spirit from the watery Sphere of Neptune, she is absolutely gorgeous).


The religious LHPer(s) be like that


Naberius looked like a Labrador Retriever to me, so he most likely is one :slight_smile:


Angels look very “basic” as in a person with various wings :thinking: a djinn can look like an angel if they wanted but they’d still be a djinn xD they just wont reflect the specific energy an angel has. Never go off just appearance especially with evocation since they can appear however they want in your mind’s eye.


Since I got my ass handed over by a spirit who appeared as various people close to me I will never ever let myself walk into the “XY looks like this and that” trap again :relieved:


Exactly. The Archangel Raphael appears to me as a simple human in military clothing quite often.
Then again he’s an obvious angel with angel wings, and then again he once appeared to me as…a dragon! That was funny.
It’s the energy that makes me recognise him.


I love common occurrences lol Zadkiel and Jophiel showed me their draconic forms and why they are often called firey serpents, Zadkiel and his purple scaled dragon form radiated this light and electricity and Jophiel’s was blue scaled and radiated light and this cold feeling lol


I’ve seen Zadkiel as a purple dragon too. Scared the shit out of me until I realized it was Zadkiel lol.


Did it look like my picture?



While studying the Fiery World, I learned that its inhabitants are more communicate with angelic beings. I wonder if their serpentine and draconic forms (of angels) can be somehow connected with this world?

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I’d say try and find out, draconic forms from what I have seen with the judeo angels were limited to the group of angels who stood before God and guarded his throne, michael, gabriel, raphael, zadkiel, jophiel, etc and their draconic forms werent all fire, zadkiel’s was related to storms like the hashmalim or angels of storms, Jophiel’s seemed oddly related to the cold and light rather than fire.


I’ll wtry to figure it out in more detail. Some type of angels, judging by the Kabbalistic tradition, may have a fiery nature. Perhaps that is why they maintain contact with the Fiery World.

He can cure you from addictions. Yes he did put his hand on my head and my withdrawals went away instantly.