Is there anything like lesser angelic beings that a Beginner has to or can work with before moving to higher angelic beings?
If there is anything like that, I will wish for few names of them or books recommendation, thank you.

There’s no real such thing as “higher” and “lower” angels, outside of groups and their own internal hierarchy/rankings.

However, working with higher ranking angels say Michael, he has lower ranking angels under him that can be requested.

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@hajam In your previous threads, you were already told about the books by the Gallery of Magick on angels. Their work is about as simple as you can get, and it doesn’t require anything beyond just some time alone and the sigils in the book.

Since you don’t seem to have bothered to look into them, I will list some titles here for you:

Archangels of Magick, 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand

AngelicSigils, Calls, and Keys, The Angel Overlords by Ben Woodcroft

Also, Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume 1 & 2, by Jareth Tempest, though he is not with the Gallery.

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I did went through them as I already had them. This question was as a result of a statement made by someone who has been spreading there are higher angels and lower ones as well as even going further to say there are 6 different types of angel Michael. Know the worth of this forum that’s why I intended to ask this question here and no other because of the kind of intelligence exhibited here all the time when people are faced with difficulties.
Thanks very much for your time to answer questions on this.

Well appreciated

My advice is, don’t worry about it.

All the crap about lesser angels and higher angels is confusing for beginners because everyone has different opinions on what the difference is, or even if there is one, so I would ignore it for now. Get some experience first.

Unless you are actually working in a system where it matters, like Enochian, then it is unimportant.

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