Angels vs Demons

Is the same process of becoming a living god working if you contact one vs the other, or do you have to work with both?

i.e. contacting only michael or contacting only satan?


James Del Fuego

What i have become aware in this past few days is that ( correct me if i am wrong ), one does not become a Living God. What one does is to channel a Gods energy through us, giving us GodLike powers. Giving its Godform, its powers, its wisdom and knowledge, etc…
So it doesn’t really matter to whom you contact…
What matters though is the God you connect yourself with.

You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop. – Rumi

The ultimate goal of BALG, and infact most mystery traditions, is to recognise that which you are and learn to use those powers to manifest reality as you Will it.

According to EA’s doctrines, revolving around the 3 god like powers, evocation of spirits (either emperyean, infernal or otherwise) is one of the steps to realising this power. How ever, as is revealed in Book of Azazel and I am certain in much more depth in the Mastering Evocation course, the eventual goal will be to generate change purely through your own Will with out relying on external forces.

You dont HAVE to do anything! Your life is unique, and so will be any magical work you do.

Keeping yourself to one entity or maybe three at the most will keep things from getting too complicated, but as you get more into this work, you’ll find that certain entities are good for very specific things, and there isnt really one entity that can “do it all”, so to speak.

Working with both “dark” and “light” entities has its benefits as well, but it does complicate things a bit, and can even get out of hand if you dont know what youre doing. For a week, I was evoking both Azazel and Raphael, and it was one of the shittier weeks ive had this year. Reading about the relationship between those two in the book of Enoch quickly explained all the turmoil I was experiencing while doing that.

So do your homework! Find out what spirits resonate with your desires first, check their background if you can, and get to it!

Sunas, we dont BECOME living gods necessarily, we just unlock the potential that has always been there. As human beings, we have quite the interesting genetic and spiritual history. We are incredibly powerful and capable creatures, we’ve just been led to forget that fact over the course of time.

You can invoke a spirit’s energy, powers and knowledge, but that can lead to a lot of complications. Every entity I have worked with has been interested solely on helping me remember exactly who and what I am, and nurturing that to help bring it to the surface. They wont just grant you the same powers they possess, unless there is a pact or something involved.

Cool, thanks all. Way too much former religious programming in my life I suppose :slight_smile:
I am more on the RHP I feel, but there are times where I can see the LHP being useful.
James Del Fuego

[quote=“DouglasJamesCameronFuego, post:1, topic:1325”]Is the same process of becoming a living god working if you contact one vs the other, or do you have to work with both?

i.e. contacting only michael or contacting only satan?


James Del Fuego[/quote]

You don’t have to do anything, but some things will work better then others. For me the path of both is the correct way, but like lotuseater said you need to consider who it is you need to contact and who they are.

The left hand path will get you places faster but can be pretty dangerous, the right hand path is pretty safe but you won’t get anywhere fast. If done correctly the grey path has the benefits of both paths.

Now that struck here deep within…the grey path…that might be it…the answers i was looking for :wink: thankz man

yes it is not about being faster or slower… its about what is the best…

Hi All,

I see thanks :slight_smile:

I have also been reading several books on Kaballah, and the Qlipothic Magic book as well. There are interpretations that see the trees only as mystical, only as psychological, and some see both. So, if one foot up or one foot down is the tree of life or the tree of death, what is the point of Daath? Daath is knowledge, or the abyss. If one travels down the tree, they will also reach the abyss. So is it really as simple seeing the trees of one below the horizon and one above the horizon, or is Daath the only way down to the qlipoth?



I like more to think that there aren’t such things, its just complex thoughts of the human mind and nothing more. I know most of you disagree but i really know it makes sense to me, specially after reading a lot, what i came to conclude is that it is just that, thoughts, conclusions, ideas. That tree sounds something true, but in a hipotetical way, my way to see things is to go around the tree, to climb it and come down and to climb it again and come down as much as i wish and always, around her, not within her. So yes basically i do not agree with most religions, views of paths or ideological ways of thinking, even chaos cannot be fully understood if it is to be described through words. Words are meaningless