Angels to destroy cities

SO does anyone know the reference to which Angels were sent to Sodom and Gomorrah? There is this pesky little city I want gone so I can buy oil rights to? Always assumed it was Michael and Samuel.

Dust your feet off in a town you dislike, and see who comes if you dare to stick around.

Nope. Gabriel.

But it distinctly says 2 so who was the other???

I don’t think it mentions their names. Could be wrong. I’ve kind of sworn off the Bible so won’t be able to look it up. ; )

Read the bible with the Hebrew names inserted! It was fun for me as my name spelled properly was the angel who handed the book of revelation to john the prophet! I heart coincidence!

Where can I find one?

I downloaded a bible app to my phone. I’ve been rereading looking for that hidden religion. The one which has secret rituals, names of deities and angels and demons and the like. The app I downloaded has about 20-30 translations into english including the new hebrew bible. It reads like an english translation but inserts all the important words in hebrew!