Angels of Magick - custom talisman ritual query

Currently reading through Damon Brand’s Angels of Magick. I don’t suppose this will get much traction, but I am curious if any other readers have attempted to create their own custom talisman, in the style of those in the book, for the talisman of power ritual?

This is something I’d like to attempt. I don’t really have any reservations about doing so, but obviously, I am a bit lacking in theory and a lot more research is required before I dive in, i.e. deconstructing the given talismans and words of power into their respective parts.

It would be designed in a similar style to those already in the book, to call upon several powers at once. I suppose something similar might be achieved via the Ladder of Ascent, however, the Ladder of Ascent seems to focus on having a single stated desire (which may change as the ritual proceeds), whereas I am looking to combine the powers of several archangels to achieve one overarching purpose which is perhaps too nebulous to be summarised easily.

Of course there is also the option to perform a series of continuous sigil rituals to approach the problem from different angles, but I have concerns: the rapid firing off of sigils might cause conflict in achieving the overall result when I want minimal upheaval, and it also feels unseemly to perform one extended ritual where I fire off sigil after sigil one after the other in a single sitting. The ideal outcome is gentle easing, healing, and uplifting over the long-term.

To clarify a bit further, the talisman I am interested in creating is one for the mental and emotional healing of another person:

  • Metatron: to heal old injuries, and bring peace & clarity where emotions are confused
  • Raphael: to become immune to stress
  • Michael: to remove the curse of fear
  • Haniel: to experience emotions without restriction
  • Iophiel: to experience authentic optimism
  • Kamael: to find peace when mentally troubled
  • Tzadkiel: to heal painful memories, find serenity in a tempest, and expand boundaries.

Maybe I’m overthinking it? Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew? Any feedback would be welcomed.

Otherwise, I’ll probably just give it a few days or weeks of thought and research, attempt it, and report back in a few months.


Well. First off, I found splitting problems down into smaller problems usually leads to less resistance and easier results. It seems like there would be less upheaval I guess, by doing one massive ritual- but I’ve found it tends to limit the Magic’s ability to work. Trying to accomplish everything in a bad situation in one go, usually just seems to stall the situation or have no effect whatsoever. I’m sure this, as all things in magic, can vary from person to person.

Breaking my issues down into mini problems, however has worked quite well for me. Once things start moving sometimes adjustments need to be made, but it’s easier to knock a pencil off my desk, than it is to flip my desk upside down.

As far as the talisman goes, I see no issues in creating your own. Many people do things like this, but I have no advisement on the process or materials. I’m a bit artsy so, whenever I feel the need to make something more permanent I draw it out. For example I designed a tattoo that will eventually go on my left forearm. It contains parts of five different loa verve’s, inscribed decoratively on a masquerade mask, thst I designed to hide my personal sigil. Looking at the drawing, an individual with experience might wonder what it represents or who even, but the average person will simply thing wow that’s a neat tattoo design.

My point is what you seek is doable, after you research more, let your intuition lead you on how to craft your talisman, and in the meantime, I would I reconsider making a massive working instead of smaller ones.


there are amulets or products that have the 7 archangels already such as this. that covers half the names on your list. =o) They also have the 7 olympic spirits there too so you can use them also. so much easier when stores already make them then making your own. all you gotta do is consecrate them and activate them to you.


It isn’t so much a bad situation caused by circumstance, more of a hugely ambitious project to try and change the very foundation of someone’s psyche and overhaul their brain chemistry and attachment model. I’m not asking for much, am I? :joy:

I am not sure how to break everything down further. Each aspect of the problem seems intrinsically tied to all the others. Like I could simply cast a sigil for “optimism” but it’s not in this person’s nature, and it would wear off eventually, with no actual change to their underlying mental model. Or I could cast something only to “heal old wounds” but without the “optimism” and “finding peace”, etc., there is a chance it might be a hugely painful experience and cause the person in question to regress.

I love this though haha.

I’m known to be artsy myself so I may as well take a crack at it.

Really appreciate your input!

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I’ll give it a go on someone in a few days. I’ve been doing other works, but I know someone who can use a boost. :slight_smile: looks good too.

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