Angels of love - Zanna Blaise

Hello guys, tell your experiences trying to find your soulmate, did you succeed? did you have bad experiences?

-My experience with the book the first time was that I did find love, the relationship lasted a year, I was afraid to use the blossoming ritual :face_in_clouds:, in the end I used it and the relationship ended in two weeks.:sleepy: It’s been two years of using the book and the angels only brings me ugly people and bad options, so I’m still single.

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Try magickal seduction by Damon Brand it is very cool :sunglasses: for myself and one of my friend’s it worked almost instantly my friend got laid the next day after reading it out loud to himself in bed the night before and although i am happily married and was just reading it because my friend had brought it .it tried to set me up with a really nice girl who deserved better than a quicky in a local car park so because i am married i had to decline gently
Best of luck and happy magick


Well that is one of the functions of the blossoming ritual - that if the relationship isn’t going to last it causes it to cease swiftly.

I haven’t tried to find love with book. I just it for the trumiel and amiel rituals. I use these for social rather than romantic purposes

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Is the pdf of the book enough for it to work or does it need to be a physical copy?

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No idea on that, does that constitute piracy. Personally, i prefer to be in receipt of the book as you can study it over time and wring as much out of it as possible … or maybe I’m just plain old fashioned

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You can buy the Kindle version for $10. There is a rumour that the Gallery has cursed their books so the magick doesn’t work if you don’t have a legitimate copy.

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I see and thanks for the info and hopefully even a used physical copy from amazon will still work.

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It’s my least favourite book from the gallery of magick non of the rituals worked . Haven’t heard real success stories from the book either so we aren’t the only ones :persevere:

That is not true, my first book was that. A copy piraty and work perfectly. Later i buy that and others books bc I was so grateful and works equal.

It works, the way I see it, the first ritual with trumiel is the one that attracts possible soul mates, BUT it attracts people that you may not like.

The trumiel ritual is about attracting authentic new friends, the possibility being that some of them might be potential soul mates.

Perhaps AA Haniel can help you… (Venus)

hello, have you spared any thought on performing purification or protection magick before hand. the vastly ensure the success of any magick performed

Are you gay by any chance?
I am gay male

I would first see if you have any bad transits to your love life (5th House, 7th House, Lot of Eros) and if there are, make a planetary talisman to “dilute” the negative influence. I have had Ketu on my 5th House and Lot of Eros for 2 years and I have had similar experiences. I was able to meet men a lot but they were very low quality and gross, and usually through the internet. Ketu gives you a lot of something of poor quality.
I still feel like garbage since I have Ketu in 4th House of ancestry
I am non white and there is a narrative that people such as myself (half Iranian, half Indian) are inherently less attractive and we do not have the same value as white twinks. That came up for me since Ketu is in 4th House

You cannot really circumvent the planets since manifestations happen through them
You can reduce the negative effects of a malefic and amplify the positive effects of a benefic through talismans and rituals calling on planetary archangels, angels, intelligences, spirits, etc