Angels for spiritual growth

As the Title suggests i want Spiritual growth and i want to work with the angels on this do you guys know any angels the can help with this

All of them.

If you want a specific group to start with, though, try the 72 Angels of the Shemhamforash or the Angels of the 42 Letter Name.


What exactly should i ask them interns of what i want?

I don’t know. You said you want “spiritual growth,” so decide whatever that means for you. The angels will bring you the growth they think will be best for you if you don’t specify for yourself.

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Okay this can be with any angel right ? Is not limited to what the angels power are in the book right ?

Yes, any angel can bring growth. You will grown spiritually just by working with them.


Okay :ok_hand: thanks

I worked with the 42 Angels and tasked them to “aid me in my spiritual evolution”. A more advanced option is to task them to “unlock your abilities, within me.”


Did you tasked all of them or just a couple

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I tasked one a day for 42 days.


Ahh okay

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It’s productive to choose a set of spirits (42 Angels), and find a a schedule or rhythm that works for you. For my experience, I found that waking up 30 mins earlier before work/school and tasking them, to be an ideal fit.


I guess it depends on how you put your definition of spiritual growth compared to a description list of the Shem angels.
If we can obtain such a definition, I can try to put together a table of Shem angels to call on with their respective psalms.

What does spiritual growth personally mean to you?

Stop it.
It doesn’t matter. Angels, psalms. Stop it.
Just call them. Don’t exhaust your valuable currency (time), just to make lists.

Nothing teaches quite like experience. Task them for the spiritual evolution and take notes of what occurs. In life, you can’t plan for everything or know everything. Sometimes you have to accept you are never fully/truely ready - and just dive in.


Well, I can say from experience trying to align yourself to their energy is helpful. Playing old time gospel music, meditating on peace, calling on the Shem angel corresponding to the day through invocation. Petitioning Vehuiah for a task.
Ask for a sign however, like the scent of roses and warmth of sunlight or something noticeable. And journal.

In my limited experience with the Archangels, they were fairly easy to call.

I didn’t do anything fancy or whatever.

As I no longer am part of any abrahamic paradigm per se, I’m not really inclined to do some psalm or gospel nonsense, and it doesn’t seem to have effected anything.

Most of the time they’re already there before you start calling.

I’ve felt Raphael waiting for me to go through my stuff til I realized he was there.

(Tbh, their presence can be very subtle as to be less perceptible. I’ve kinda had to act blind as it were and just move forward anyway).

They can be a little short sometimes too.

A very much “c’mon I ain’t got all day” kind of vibe sometimes.

I think short and sweet will do you more good than some exhaustive litany or process.

Simple invocation/call, prayer, thanks, done.

Hell, even just doing a regular prayer should be sufficient I imagine.


Dunno about the Shem hemphorash, but there’s an “angel tarot” out that I imagine would be useful for a focal point.

Has sigils.

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I will do so tomorrow night, and every night, which is closer to their invocation times anyway and do at least a petition if not outright command of a task.
I have a collection of incense and oils, and several tea lights.
Will carry pen and journal with me.

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Hell yeah brother. Maybe chill out with the “invocation times”. Literally just reach out, assume they are here/there, and treat it like a 3 minute phone call.

You have so many instruments, and they distract you. Just call them and take notes. Your publishing these notes on Balg doesn’t have any thing to do with your successes. You got this.

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Btw how long ago did you ask for your spiritual evaluation and how is it going for you ?