Angels for Educational Purposes


1. Vehuaiah Subtle spirit. Endowed with great wisdom, enthusiastic for science and the arts, capable of undertaking and accomplishing the most difficult things.
5. Mahasiah To live in peace with everyone. Governs high science, occult philosophy, theology, and the liberal arts. Learns easily, keen for honest pleasures.
6. Lelahel To acquire knowledge and cure disease. Governs love, renown, science, arts and fortune. Features (include) ambition, fame.
7. Achaiah Governs patience, secrets of nature. Loves learning, proud to accomplish the most difficult tasks.
11. Lauviah Against lightning and for the obtainment (sic) of victory. Governs renown. Great personage, learned, celebrated for personal talents.
15. Hariel Against the impious. Governs sciences and arts. Religious sentiments, morally pure.
17. Lauviah To be invoked while fasting. Against mental anguish, sadness. Governs high sciences, marvelous discoveries. Gives revelations in dreams. Loves music, poetry, literature and philosophy.
19. Leuviah To be invoked while facing South. To obtain the grace of God. Governs memory, human intelligence. Amiable, lively, modest, bearing of adversity with resignation.
20. Pahaliah Against enemies of religion, for the conversion of nations to Christianity (!). Governs religion, theology, morality, chastity, purity. Ecclesiastical vocation.
21. Nelebael Against calumniators and spells and for the destruction of evil spirits. Governs astronomy, mathematics, geography and all abstract sciences. Loves poetry, literature, avid for study.
25. NithHaiah For the acquisition of wisdom and the discovery of the truth of hidden mysteries. Governs occult sciences. Gives revelations in dreams, particularly to those born on the day over which he presides. . Influences those who practice the magic of the sages.
27. Jerathel To confound wrong-doers and liars and for deliverance from one’s enemies. Governs propagation of light, civilization. Love, peace, justice, science and arts; special affinity for literature.
30. Ornael Against sorrow, despair and for the acquisition of patience. Governs animal kingdom,watches over the generation of beings. Chemists, doctors, surgeons. Affinity for anatomy and medicine.
31. Lecabel For the acquisition of knowledge. Governs vegetation and agriculture. Loves astronomy, mathematics and geometry.
37. Aniel To obtain victory and stop the siege of a city. Governs sciences and arts. Reveals the secrets of nature, inspires philosophers, sages. Distinguished savant.
40. Ieiazel For the deliverance of prisoners, for consolation, for deliverance from one’s enemies. Governs printing and books. Men of letters and artists.
47. Asaliah For the praising of God and the growing towards him when he enlightens us. Governs justice, makes the truth known in legal proceedings. Agreeable character, avid for the acquisition of secret knowledge.
49. Vehuel Sorrow, contrariness. For the exaltation of oneself for the benediction and glory of God. Sensitive and generous soul. Literature, jurisprudence, diplomacy.
50. Daniel To obtain the mercy of God and consolation. Governs justice, lawyers, solicitors. Furnishes conclusions to those who hesitate. Industrious and active in business, loves literature and is distinguished for eloquence.
51. Hahasiah For the elevation of the soul and the discovery of the mysteries of wisdom. Governs chemistry and physics. Reveals the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone and universal medicine. Loves abstract science. Devoted to the discovery of the properties of animals, plants and minerals. Distinguished in medicine.
53. Nanael Governs the high sciences. Melancholy humor, avoids rest, meditation, well-versed in the abstract sciences.
54. Nithael To obtain the mercy of God and live long. Emperor, king, and prince. Renowned for writings and eloquence, of great reputation among the learned.
56. Poiel For the fulfillment of one’s request. Governs renown, fortune and philosophy. Well esteemed by everyone for his modesty and agreeable humor.
59. Harahel Against the sterility of women and to make children obedient to their parents. Governs treasure and banks. Printing, books. Love of learning, successful in business, money.
62. Iah-hel For the acquisition of wisdom. Governs philosophers, illuminati. Loves tranquility and solitude, modest, virtuous.
64. Mehiel Against adversities. Protects against rabies and wild beasts. Governs savants, professors, orators and others. Distinguished in literature.
65. Damabiah Against magic spells and for the obtainment of wisdom and the undertaking of successful ventures. Governs seas, rivers, springs, sailors. Sailor; amasses a considerable fortune.
67. Itaiel To obtain consolation in adversity and for the acquisition of wisdom. Influences occult science. Makes the truth known to those who call on him in their work. Enlightened requirements of the spirit of God. Fond of solitude, distinguished in higher sciences.
68. Chabuiah For the preservation of health and the healing of the sick. Governs agriculture and fecundity. Fond of the countryside, hunting, gardens and all that is related to agriculture.
69. Rochel To find lost or stolen objects and discover the person responsible. Distinguished in the judiciary, morals and customs of all peoples.
70. Iabamiah Governs the generation of beings and phenomena of nature. Protects those who wish to progress spiritually. Distinguished by genius; one of the great lights of philosophy.
72. Mumiah A divine talisman should be prepared under favorable influences with the name of the spirit on the reverse side. Protects in mysterious operations, brings success in all things. Governs chemistry, physics and medicine. Influences health and longevity.

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