Angels energy (last topic deleted by accident)

Every time I’m done praying to all angels and god to interfere with my life, I get suicidal thoughts (I’m not a depressed person), I get confused as if my life doesn’t make sense. And that is every time I pray to angels that these things happen. I never really felt a euphoric feeling and I’m not a depressed person. Their blessings are so strong I want to give up on my life. Has anyone else get this feeling? I cleansed my room, done LBRP and got rid of parasites

Pray to The Archangel Michael to fix it


Well, first thing would be to STOP PRAYING TO ALL ANGELS! It is obvious that it is too much energy for you, and it’s overloading your system, so pick only 1 angel to start with.


I did, back to normal now, I had the worst anxiety attacks that week, angelic energy is not to be toyed with. Constant blessings were like constant suicide attempts. I’ve got nothing to do with it anymore I’m kinda traumatised

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Opening yourself up to all angels is the worst thing to do in my opinion because a single pantheon of angels is one thing to call on but angels in general extends to multiple pantheons is even worst. I agree with DK.

i dont really pray for angels really so i wouldn’t really know the difference. I’m not really a pray-y person…
what i do is i summon the angel through his sigil (if he was one) and his psalm. Then i give him a request and seal it with the respective word of power related to that angel. Once i’m done i tell the angel to do in peace or if he wants to stay to stay in peace and go in peace when he’s ready to go.
i suppose you could look for mantras to raise your vibration (find one that really connects to your soul), turn the light off, listen to mantra for one hour so… maybe try to learn the lyric after a while and chant along. And yes, keep doing the LBRP. Also dont be afraid to call on Lord Shiva to destroy the sadness and negative attachments within you

Blessings shouldn’t make you feel bad. I agree it’s too much energy. But I would take a look at why something good would make you feel bad… do you not deserve or want good things? Some people genuinely don’t think they deserve them and feel guilty when they get them. It’s not healthy to remain feeling that way and perhaps self love is something you need to work on so you feel worthy of what you receive.

The other thing it could be is a desire to be in another realm… like a homesick feeling. I must admit I get depressed and feel like I don’t belong on this planet or in this realm… but for now I guess I’ve obviously chosen to be here for whatever reason and maybe one day I’ll find “home” in the afterlife/between lives/If it exists/or even temporarily if there’s such thing as “source”

Hi, it sounds like a parasitic entity, they tend to make you feel sick whenever you do something that may get them removed.
Don´t give up! Try working with michael, lord Hanuman and Kali, plus listening to islamic chants.

I would suggest also a cleanse bath every nignt. If you don´t have a bath you can use a bucket.

Remember, you will feed horrible during the first 1-2 week, then you will start feeling better.

Good luck :slight_smile:

As was said above, cleanse yourself, keep the place of prayer clean and holy (burn incense, annoint yourself with hyssop oil).

Check what about you have suicidial thoughts, and focus on fixing that at first place. Ask god for protection, use Psalm 23 if you pray with psalms. Ask often your guardian angel for protection too.