Angel vs demonic endgames?


What are people’s viewpoints on the nature of ascent from the demonic and angelic corners. I know both can help with ascent. But from what I understand by reading EA’s works is that demons will teach that the flesh is the gloried position and will work with the sorceror in attaining liberation from the cycle of reincarnation and in becoming an independant God over their own existence (either in the flesh or within the astral/mental).
The angles though help the sorcerer in ascending but help them attain union with the divine and the sorcerer is always subject to divine will as opposed to their own will!?

I’m ignoring the whole ‘selfish’ vs ‘charitable’ and ‘good’ vs ‘evil’ discussion as its been done several times already, and I’m just interested in the endgame of things. Where does each path actually take us?


That’s a good question, one I’ve often pondered myself. I’m not sure that it’s that clear cut. I don’t think angels are necessarily bent on divine will. I think “divine will” is something of a myth or greatly misunderstood by the magicians who encounter such lectures from the angels. It all comes back to the definition of an angel and a demon. Light vs. darkness? Though, there are demons of light … whatever that means. And do we take into account gods, elementals, great spirits? What are their points of view on ascent?
I find it hard to yield to any one particular point of view. Perhaps that is the mystery. That we, on our path to ascent, should strive to explore all paths - perhaps it turns out that as long as we do what is necessary to perfect ourselves and gain perfect control over all the powers of the universe, being balanced in all things - is the only true path whether one uses demons, angles, great spirits, or elementals to accomplish that goal.
I know that didn’t answer your question - these are only thoughts on it. I don’t have an answer to this, but this is often a subject that occupies my mind.


From what I understand the paths lead to the same place, but how you get there might be very different depending on who you work with.


By their fruits ye shall know them. What has monotheism brought but spiritual enslavement?