Angel to help me initiate in Sephiroth

I want to initiate in Sephiroth. I only have worked with the qliphas. I Sense that i need to work with Sephiroth too. What Spirit would be good to help me? I want to work with a angel. Any advice?

You may start by invoking Sandalphon then, if I’m not mistaken, Gabriel and keep proceeding “upwards”.
Michael and Raphael contend Sun and Mercury, along with the related Sephiroth, personally I feel Michael associated with Tiphereth but they probably “rule” both Sephiroth and planets together.

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Can i invoke Saldaphon and Michael once?

The God names first, then the arch angels, then the spheres.

Invoking only them, or invoking each of them only one time? Anyway it’s possible to invoke Michael as a generic/synthetic ritual for gaining a state of awakening and illumination (and afterwards, in case, start the sephirot invocations); you may use the Sunday calling from Heptameron.

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Invoking both of them in the ritual.

I will use purple candles for Sandalphon, and yellow candles for Michael, and cinnamom incense. It would be good?

Given the option to invoke Michael right away and that Sandalphon is the first angel of the Sephirothic tree, they may “go together well” :slight_smile: yellow is the color related to Sun, and cinnamon is one of the incenses which may be appropriate, indeed.

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Sunday conjuration use abraamic god names. I found myself closer to Lucifer, It would not be a problem?

You may assume that such Names refer to your “inner God”. Also there are possible tips about that Sunday/Michael working (probably invocation/evocation in general), such as drinking more water than usual.

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Ok thank you, i will do the ritual this weekend. I will come back to report what happened

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