Angel’s dive into Necromancy

I haven’t really done much in a while due to life, work, health stuff. I am finally going to start a path that has caught my attention since I was a child. I know huge difference from my normal comfort Magick. I am not sure what this journal will go but I am so interested in where it is going to lead me. I have my first book picked out and I will start updating here shortly but it will be spotty at first due to live, work and health.


Something I want to learn while I slowly start this new path is learning to read bones. So here are some fox bones and teeth I bought on Etsy to start my bone throwing bag.

The reason I went with the fox is because my mom told me once they day she brought me home from the hospital as a newborn. A red fox came to the house out of the woods when they took me out of the car and stayed the whole day. Only to never be seen again afterwards.


What book have you picked?

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Most likely going to start with a Become a Living God book and @C.Kendall’s Necromancer.

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I worked through most of the Necromancer last year. Great book, lots of serious work in it.

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