Angel overlords Questions about

Have you ever read overlord angels?

Can I use the angelic rites in this book for black magic?actually it’s not exactly black magic, i want my target to stay totally loyal to me in her life.

They asked for 10 days between rituals. I did a separation ritual with furkas last night, can I do the angel rituals in that book today?

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You cannot use the rituals in Angel Overlords on a separate target or for baneful applications. They don’t work that way.

The rituals in the book are for taking on certain energy states, similar to the practice of invocation. They affect you, not someone else.

Do it on Saturday at the Fourth Hour of the Day, what does that mean? Off topic, but I don’t know what time it is.

Where does it say that? In the chapter on the ritual it literally says “you can perform this on any day of the week, at any time of day.”

no this is a different book i was just wondering about this clock account.

I can’t say definitively without knowing the name of the book, but generally, the Fourth Hour of the Day refers to what is called the “Fourth Watch” in the Bible, that is, the time from 3 AM-6 AM.

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