Angel of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield

Page 72 and 73, what do i do? I don’t quite understand the rituals and steps, can someone explain it to me on the details and steps? Thank you so much.

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The angel can find a persons weakness without saying it to him .
This angel can destroy and cursed someone

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I meant how do i perform the ritual, the instruction was not clear to me

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Its best easy on the right side stand a Sigil look at it till it flash then say 6 times the chant they stand on the left side of the page

This one?

Scan the outer ring counter clockwise with your eyes, starting at the gap. Skip the next ring. The third ring scan counter clockwise. Scan the middle top line from right to left. Then the second line, etc. Speak the invocation six times.

Hebrew is read right to left, hence the direction.


Yes that one! Is it that simple? No other rituals needed?

Yeah, that’s all unless the book says anything at the beginning I didn’t catch or read. Good luck!

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You must read the book a bit, there are some steps. There is a explanation of the ritual and a summary.

  1. Perform the Stillness
    It’s not really trance, it’s a way to adjust focus
  2. Gaze at the the sigil (whole)
    bring in the emotion, anger, that you have toward the person
  3. Perform a visual scan over te letters like explained by @MottledZeitgeist
    Know that the Angels will assist you in this and that they will bring results
  4. Speak out what you want ‘Diminish the wealth of victim…’ (always in 3’s)
  5. Read the Angelic names out loud 3 times per name. I like to do it like this Mi – Ka – El
    Bring in the feeling that it’s actually done, how would you feel that Justice is done? Enjoy the relief that it brings when the magick is done

It’s all about the emotion


I thought there’s more to it, thank you mate. I would ask for your guidance again

Did it work for you in your experience?

I know I am not the person you asked, but I did the “diminish wealth” ritual right before this covid shit show started. This person lost his ‘job.’ Someone here told that that didn’t count, since “everyone lost their job b/c of covid.” He burned though his life savings during lockdown. He didn’t qualify for government help, because he was an independent contractor. He was renting out the spare bedroom in his apartment on Airbnb. In the meantime, his city decided to only allow people rent out their flats/homes/spare rooms on Airbnb 30 nights/year. Also, someone in his building caught wind that he had been renting his spare room, which was in violation of his rental terms. He was told to stop or he would face eviction.

Just about 2 years later, this person is holding 2 menial jobs just to make ends meet. I’d say that counts.


Good that you answered, it’s nice to hear experiences. I did the forced exile and this person is very strong so destroying defences. But it will take time and finally i see some change, will update this.


It was a long, slow burn, for sure. It unfurled in such a beautiful way, though.


Hold on, can i blink during the scanning?

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Yes. It’s a simple gazing technique to impress the Hebrew letters into your mind. It is not affected by blinking.

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Indeed it’s same with a sigil. And the more you practice in gazing the more you focus.
The more you focus, the less you blink.
And go ahead practice. You will feel when the ritual is satisfying.