Angel of Soul (Astral) Journeying and spiritual senses?

I have had a fascinated outlook on angels lately. This could be because I often wonder where or what their current actually stems from celestial-wise without the Jewish shit. Ew!

Lately I have been desiring mentorship in Astral senses/awareness via planetary Magick and Soul Traveling for the sake Journeying and guiding others. I actually considered evoking raziel for spiritual senses but I heard that, him being of neptune, that he does more so through wisdom aspects of the mind. Gabriel was an occasional choice but every time I asked him to manifest, I’ve had what seemed like a revealing of my faults and people gaining negative attitudes towards me.

Are there any angels the community could recommend for the those two things I mentioned?

Gabriel is the Angel of Prophecy so he (or she. Some magicians see the angel as female) is the most logical choice for helping with astral senses.

Paltator, the Angel of Visions, from EA’s book Kingdoms of Flame is another option for opening the senses.

The Angel Frotasch from the same grimoire can help with Soul Travel.