Angel of Death

Hello everyone! I was curious how someone might be able to summon the angel of death, Azrael. I have searched up ways to summon him, however… I lack the materials for anything incredibly fancy, would I be able to summon him without them?

In addition, any advice or methods on improving my invocations?

Yup! It’s possible. I usually visualize something relating to the spirit (associated colors, elements etc.) while reading an invocation for them.

My only advice is to just be respectful and ask for his sigil when he arrives. If he doesn’t show you the sigil or shows you the wrong one, it’s an impostor.

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Okay… Is there any time that he might prefer? Just wondering, if you know. I wouldn’t want to intrude on him too much, and summoning him only when it’s convenient for me doesn’t sound very nice… So, I want to make sure he is alright with it as well (I’m overthinking and being incredibly thoughtful, goodness)…

I just read the Orphic hymn for Thanatos out loud and meditate until he shows up(Same being essentially).

What source did you consult to know that the angel Azrael is the angel of death? I ask therefore some books like Agrippa,
Heptameron and Lenain cite Archangel Kamael “Mars” as angel of death and Angel Samael also from Mars and prince below Kamael also associated with Death and Justice.
In my evocations I use a candle in white or red, incense representing the element Mars, I also added some passages of the Sidu which I gave the name of “Elevation to the Eternal, Adonay”, I also sometimes use a solfeggio frequency but you working the feelings will do all the work and do not need instruments.

There are a number of death angels, mostly fifth heaven seraphim in particular. Samael is certainly one, and in fact the chief of them and of the fifth heaven in general.

Azrael was apparently thought to be a third heaven angel and a psychopomp/recordkeeper of death. Haven’t worked with him personally so fuck if I know though.

Never heard of Kamael. More research required…

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