Angel Gabriel

Anyone has any idea on how to invoke the angel Gabriel. I’ve searched a lot but haven’t found anything conclusive. I am a beginner and haven’t invoked anyone before. Help me out with the entire process.

This is it again! A beginner, haven’t done invocation before, but interested in having an encounter with Gabriel. Let me ask you, have you studied well about invocation? Do you know what it is? Because if you do you won’t ask ‘how to’. Do you know of the danger in this occult path?

Have you not read how lots of people are struggling with peace of mind and looking for a way out because they approached this science wrongly?

Do you think Invocation is what you need now?

A beginner asking how to Invoke. You should go learn that Art first.
Let me ask you, what type of Invocation do you want to do? And what do you hope to get from Gabriel?


Prayer works best in my opinion

Otherwise there’s the book Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand

Also @luxfero I don’t think there’s that much danger doing an invocation of the Archangel Gabriel

Why not?


Maybe I’m speaking only for me, but I don’t think so, I just don’t think it’s that dangerous

Archangels are invoked countless times in religious or magickal workings, I don’t think there’s a danger, but maybe I’m wrong

I think the risk of the practicioner not reaching out to the Archangel but to an imposter or thoughtform is just as high as it is when summoning a demon. It depends on the practicioner’s attitude.


That’s always a risk, but invoking the Archangel himself is not imo

The safest way would be to use the process in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick. There is a specific sigil and ritual for invocation.


I am not so sure about that. Gabriel is the one that will steal your voice and not give it back if you don’t listen to him. Angels are terrifying so much more then the “demons” when they are not happy. I think the risk is the same of not higher with any of the warrior class.


There’s actually a book on this? ( you tell how much I dislike invocation :joy:). I think in my life I have read every angel book but this one.



OP I would evoke first talk to him come up with a play that you both consent to and then go from
There. Being a beginner you run a higher risk of parasites getting into you if you invoke so I would build a bond with anyone you want bring into yourself first. If not it could end very badly.
Parasites come with a lot of nasty things that could cost mental health or even life. Take it slow build your bond and see where it leads you. Get ready for one wild ride.

The members of the Gallery of Magick have been practicing for decades. They know what they’re doing. The invocation is limited to taking on certain traits. One of Gabriel’s is the “Quality of Clear Thought,” for example.

The Gallery’s work is mainly designed for beginners so if the OP wants to properly learn invocation, that’s what he should start with. There is no chance of parasites, or impostors, or anything of that sort.

I wish people would understand that invocation is NOT possession. It’s purpose has always been to take on the qualities of the being invoked, and become more like them.


There was times when I was younger that I could feel when they were going to be strict with me before I ever do them. An angel that is upset or in a stern teaching mood is not to be messed with.

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Thanks! Even though I have no interest in invocation or possession. I think I really wouldn’t mind learning about this and reading this. Thank you as always for teaching me something more.

That’s true, and beginners should follow a system like the one you shared. Even if it’s only angels.

Because if not, the two things can get mixed up, depending on what the practicioner expects or wants to happen. And that is what’s dangerous in my opinion.
Wanting too much in too little time, and desperately holding onto every result they get, without questioning its nature.

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I think this is why I do it so rarely. I am More likely to invoke while in school because I seek the knowledge to be unlocked from xyz or I need to calm to a level that I don’t normally or I need strength I normal don’t have. I think you explained this beautifully. Maybe when you have time do a post on this!

I agree with this. That in a rush lines blur and deceivers slip in. I would suggest question and study to anyone getting into invocation and possession.

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