Angel/demonic meaning or?

Hello everybody. For the last few weeks I have been working with angels and I have had various signs and I collected like twenty green and white feathers !

Along with a boost in my magical and psychic abilities with various messages!

But just now I collected a yellow feather and a leaf containing either 02 or 05…
I made a pact with the Queen of Darkness on the Blue Moon…

Can anyone tell me what it means ? Even your simple opinion at glance which comes to you when you see the leaf ?


Yellow feathers usually go with the chakras also so the solar pleaxus and our identity. 02/05 or 20/05 so by intuition id say by that time period you will have a better understanding of yourself and the path you are taking and will be able to feel unification of your identity making you more confident.


More 2’s… :frog:


Oooh, I love collecting on walks like that.
Green and white seem like a sign of health, but I’d hate to mislead your sense of poetry if the feathers tell you something else.
Aside from the numbers, I see a distressed face lifted toward an angelic teacher or healer. Those are good numbers though.

This is a sign of healing, growth, and humanity being in tune with nature. You must be doing something right :+1:


Today is the fifth and I did good on the interview but the day that I received the feather, if I add five days, is the exact number of days that my ex has her birthday on and we broke up for about 3 months and I miss her so much !!

Oh right i forgot you guys might be american. I ment the 2nd or 20th of May as in 5th month. we do date/month/year here lol

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