Andromalius ∞

Hi All,
I am a new member. This has been long overdue because Andromalius does really begin to work immediately after he is instructed especially when your motives are selfless or personal and he is addressed properly. He likes the feeling of hunger, but it is not required after your relationship with him grows. He have been my personal assistant/guardian for some time now and I have seen him work immediately in some situations, and a bit slower in larger matters that involved multiple people. Of course I Cary his seal and we have “our arrangements” he responds well to incentives. He can reveal all wickedness past or present and he can punish those who may think or intend to hurt you. The details of my success with him is too much to share here. For beginners I recommend getting the right information about him, how to call him, what he likes, the time when he will be strongest to help you…etc