Andromalius in a dream

I had a dream the other night which I just recalled. I remember a really tall man approaching me. About 7 or 8 feet tall at least. He was white and had his white hair cropped really short, and I think he had a bald patch. I don’t recall what he said but it was something to do with helping me with something I think. But when he sort of passed over me, his energy was so strong that it nearly knocked me off my feet. I recognised him as Andromalius, but he didn’t look like the classic appearance that’s associated with Andromalius.

Really weird.

Does this happen to you guys? A spirit of some sort that you’ve worked with appears in a dream, but looks completely different from what you’d expect?


Dreaming of an unknown tall man indicates that a decision needs to be made. The balding man with white hair indicates an older person might represent wisdom or an internal wisdom you have within yourself but have so far ignored.

I am uncertain if this is Andromalius however if it is a response to a ritual invoking him as a ward in your home to protect against theft or harm it might a sign of accedance to your requests.

Yes. I do get that sometimes. It is confusing to say the least

Andromalius should leave you with the stomach pangs too if it is him. Did he have a snake with him?

No stomach pangs and no snake that I could see. Just a very strong energy that bowled me over quite literally (in the dream). As intense as say, Lucifer or Azazel.

I’ve recently finished working with Andromalius, and I was sort of worrying about parcel thieves, etc. Then I get this dream. :slight_smile: I believe it was Andromalius showing up to let me know he’s on hand to help with something.

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Andromalius has very strong energy waves for me, they linger too for up to 24 hours later in that room.

It is very possible it was him. Have you Buried his Sigil with your blood on in a glass jar outside your home and one in your home for protection?

He gives very strong protection anyway,but this works miracles :slight_smile: I love Andromalius.

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No I haven’t done that because I’m well protected anyway by other means, but I think I will ask Andromalius to protect my home and business from parcel thieves and other types of thieves.