Before going into here I searched for Andras and anyone’s experiences but most of what I found is what he is capable of, or being recommended. But what I’m looking for is what people have actually experienced using him; what were your goals or requests for him? How did he manifest your goals and how long? Just curious because I’m thinking of trying to summon him for something along the lines of removing a threatening person.


There are a few posts where we posted our experiences.


Well you joined not so long ago. Do you know the basics of protection. Did your read about Andras. He can easily turn the curse on the magician. So are you sure you are ready?


I looked again and I did see some post experiences but I was a little more curious about results, not necessarily the specifics though since that may be a little private.

I don’t think it’s something I would attempt honestly; more so just curiosity got to me.


Well, Ive never evoked Andras to do any bane…just to open aspects, and do a first meet n greet. So that was a good experience. Maybe someday…but I think I view Andras more as a protector.