Andras vision(s)

Since the last year I have been dreaming strange stuff, in some cases those dreams would tell me something that would happen a few days later, so there is indeed something supernatural, I don’t think all the coincidences that happened to me are possible by accident.

One hour ago I fell asleep and I started having a vision, I had a bunch of them but this one made me search about goetian spirits. Firstly I saw some strange icon, that resembled a menorah a bit and an owl(?) at the same time, but I couldn’t remember it too well. Then a man with a owl head, and also totally an owl for some time(I think, I can’t remember properly) appeared to me while I was asking “Who are you?” - all of that in this dream - I don’t think he was “bad” (also not ‘good’?) but I had a lot of sleep paralysis and those strange prophetic dreams and nightmares in the last year, some strange stuff before as well so I am kind of scaried of messing with evil stuff unintentionally.

My family used to take part in some pseudo-gnostic religion that had mediums who would incorporate some beings, and I think what’s happening to me is related to my past in this religion.

My question is, why is this happening to me if I never tried to invoke anything? Why are those beings after me? I was actually Christian (Catholic) up to some time ago. I don’t know about goetia a lot but after searching for a while I found out the icon I saw was his sigil, and the guy was “Andras”, I never saw this stuff about him before so there’s no way my mind would simply made this up.

Anyways, aren’t those beings evil? I don’t want to invoke them, to make pacts, to receive blessings or anything like that, and I was pretty clear about it before. But those dreams that are often prophetic are still occurring. Why would such a thing happen? When I was a child one of those mediums (a cousin of mine) said she wouldn’t touch me too much nor speak with me in a religious ritual because she was afraid of (him), because he protected me. She didn’t say names back then but I think it’s the same being. It happened about 10 years ago, she was “possessed” (it’s normal for mediums in this religion during rituals), I am 20 years old now.

Being a former Christian the word “demon” makes me feel uneasy, but what do you mean by that in goetia after all? Can anyone explain me what’s happening to me? My knowledge about magick is nearly 0.


Andras isn’t evil. I’d say he’s neutral.

If he’s protecting you, don’t be aftaid of him. If he was going to harm you, he would have done it already.

He probably knows something you don’t know yet and that’s why he’s come to you for protection. Be glad he’s there and on your side. :wink:
He can be very useful if anyone is trying to attack you physically or spiritually.

You can call them spirits or deities if that’s more comfortable for you. It really doesn’t matter to them.

Seems like you’ve gone and still going through a spiritual awakening and you senses are opening up.

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Welcome @Nikomedeia. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Andras is not really for beginners. But if he’s attached to you in some way acting as a guardian then you have nothing to fear but your own fear. Demons can be helpful or harmful however bringing fear and other negative energy to the situation will only beget more.

I was a devout evangelical Christian for over 12 years. I was a minister and elder in training (before I left the church) and I can tell you I had to deprogram the culture of fear out of me. Anything dark or associated with the underworld was automatically evil at one point in my life. This simply isn’t the case but I won’t lie to you and say all things that are in the darkness mean you well (likewise not all things associated with the “light” have your best interest in mind).

Welcome aboard Nikomedeia

I almost had the same thing . I just posted on it . Weird lol

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