Andras for self improvement? Say whaaat? (Personal experience)

Since there has been a rise on Andras related posts these past days and because I actually sensed a fraction of his energy yesterday night when I thought posting about him here is my personal experience with Andras, which as far as I notice, it was quite an unorthodox way of working with him. Andras is a popular demon in baneful magick and for a good reason. He adores destroying and creating chaos wherever he goes. In Ars Goetia is being described as the most dangerous demon and if he is not treated properly he will not hesitate to kill the sorcerer.

My experience with him occured one year ago when I first tried to dive into the occult. You may wonder, why would a complete beginner would want to work with such a dangerous spirit. Well the anwer is that I didn’t. He came to me of his own against my own will. But let’s start from the beginning.
My first attempt at evocation was with King Paimon. I won’t be getting into details about it, but long story short my evocation was a success. I was feeling King Paimon’s calming energy around me and he was confirming my beliefs about stuff and myself to make me feel more empowered. Btw at that period of my life I had 0 confidence about myself and I was on the brink of depression. I had numerous insecurities and I was feeling stucked. So King Paimon was trying succesfully to show me my potential and my achievments so far. This continued for a couple of days until a dream of mine stopped the joyful revelations.

In my dream I was in an elevator. A little girl came in. Her appearence made me a little uncomfortable. She told me something and then left. Then I checked my cellphone and a face with black leper like marks appeared. I felt HORRIFIED. It was a primordial uncontrollable fear which made me wake up in an instant. The energy changes were very quick. The calming, ethereal and royal energy of King Paimon started to thin out. Now everything seemed more chaotic around me, more “black”. Andras took an interest in me and he came to me uninvited.

I can’t sufficiently describe.what I was feeling. I myself was feeling alright, but I was sensing a massive black mass of energy in the area of my chest giving me intolerable pains. It was soooo weird because it wasn’t like anything I felt before. None of my actual body parts was hurting, neither my heart nor my lungs nor my chest bones nor my muscles and yet the discomfort was there. All I could think about was stopping it. So I started searching on the internet about Andras and how to get rid of him and all the sources seemed to agree. He must be sent to a human target. I was in despair, in order to relieve I had to basically curse someone and at that period I wasn’t wronged or had a fight with anyone. I was basically forced to curse an innocent person. I was feeling so much agony that I begged Lucifer to help me. And luckily he did. He manifested in my room and calmed me. He ensured me that all this, is not just pointless torture and there are much to gain from this ordeal and that there actually is someone I can send Andras to. I was feeling relieved and that night I slept verly calmly trying to think who should be the unlucky fella. The next morning though, the chest pain returned and Andras’ energy with it. Hours were passing by and I finally understood what I had to do. A friend of mine had done a horrible thing to another friend of mine. I was so reluctant to send Andras to a friend of mine but on the other hand I also believed that he should be punished for what he did. So I very carefully chose the wording of my command and said “Go to him and give gim what he deserves” And just like that ‘POOF’ the energy vanished. No ritual, no meditation, nothing he just vanished and went to my friend. (He is fine now, he was very depressed for a couple of months and had huge fights with many people)

After-effects and conclusions

All these events occured in just two days and yet after the end of it all I was feeling transformed. I was feeling like Andras came to me to completely destroy most of my insecurities. I think he can be utilised more than just a spirit for curses and he can help someone grow by putting him in a state of total discord to destroy what needs to be destroyed. That being said it is a very dangerous situation since he can get quite physical. He is caring in a twisted way, he wants you to leave behind anyhting that sets you back but his methods are very very harsh.

That being said I think it should be taken in consideration how rookie I was when all these events occured. I wasn’t even aware of concepts like energy workings or banishing. I was at the complete mercy of the demon, so maybe if a more experienced magician were to work with him he would feel so devastated at his presence.

In any case this is my experience with Andras. A totally life changing roller coaster. He works really really fast and he doesn’t care for any collateral damage ( I was psychollogically scarred for a couple of months to the point of not wanting to do magick ever again and I my chest felt wounded for a couple of weeks. To anyone who wants to extensively work with Andras I neither urge them to nor prevent them from it. I simply say, tread lightly…


Sitri told me to work with Andras. I have had no problems with him. I find him to be calming. I adore him.
This is just my experience though.


I’ve been saying this too! He works fast and i seriously just felt i was done wrong to and whoever did it deserved it . I feel is his energy soft and quite subtle, he does show his work pretty damn quick ! Good spirit to work with to be honest ! Hail Andras !


Thank you for directing me to your post this is quite a bit of good information here.


Lately I contacted a practitioner who said that Andrus would be my Patreon spirit.

It is an honor.

Ever since I learned that I’ve been seeing an owl in my mind a wood owl. I see a man wearing a type of leather chest piece that holds a sword. The sword is connected, he looks at me in not as curiosity in the beginning but now in as

“hey I see you, I’m always around yea” type of attitude. He seems to fly around and “study people”. I’ve been hearing more dogs barking and snarling in the distance, maybe that’s andras hound?

Hope to communicate with andras tomorrow under the full moon.

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I agree. Hail Andras. I asked him to assist with the removal of someone who had turned on me. My request came with a fair amount of emotion. Andras did more than what I asked of him. He diffused the situation and the negativity that went along with it. I’m grateful that he detected the best solution (above that which I requested) and made that solution reality. Hail Andras!!!


This is so true! I thought admiringly about him a bit to much so he took it as a summoning and then gave me the worst stomach I have ever felt, could hardly breathe; even had a shadow around my head in the mirror. Then I read if he is not given a target, YOU are the target, so I gave him a psychopath and the pain subsided. But I still haven’t gotten rid of the psycho though.

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